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The year of working from home

A new site! For years I've designed my own website, but I've gave up the idea of making my own website this time. Every time I need to go through this process I find it so... I have yet to find the perfect word to describe in English, but in Chinese 麻煩, or in Japanese めんど臭い. Basically a combination of hassle / troublesome, it has become something I feel like I just have to do but not because I want to do sadly.

Also, I've always using my favourite colour - green/teal - as my first choice of palette, I think it's finally time to move on. 2021 I am giving "dusty rose" a try. No need to say much about how crazy 2020, I think I've been actually quite lucky compare to the general public. Notable things include:

  • Managed to get a new job, and not have to worry about going into the office

  • Move to a new home

  • Stock piled all my TPs and sanitizing wipes without too (too) much issues

  • Almost been a year since I've eaten sushi 🤯

  • Probably also half a year not buying onions 🤷🏻‍♂

Life still goes on, this is the way now; just shows how much resilience we (or I?) have... Anyway, goal of this is to just try to write more, and keep it short. The other day I watched my kid did a free draw, and I forget how simple it was, like how straight it was to do it. No need to think about the user experiences, empathy, technical challenges etc. Draw because it was fun; because we need to decorate a mini tree, so we made with circles coloured with pencil crayons. That's it, that was good enough. Who needs lights or shiny sparkling ornaments?

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