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UX UI designer specialize in enterprise app

I design and code css, I like to find deals, travel around the world

Additional Skills Meet with clients, build prototypes, present designs // Build marketing materials, slide decks, business cards // Assist with onboarding, mentor interns // Plan office layouts and set ups, build Ikea furnitures // Calculate efficient number of pizza to order for team lunches

Adventure Log

Since 2020, I am a Product Designer at SEDNA Systems in Vancouver, BC

For the past decade, I've worked at Stage 3 Systems Inc., a tech company that builds web apps for the shipping industry. As the only designer in a small company, I was in charged of all UX/UI needs; from application design to branding and marketing materials.

I traveled and met clients around the world - learned and helped solve unique industry problems such as thousands of emails in a day, complex shipping process with hundreds of pdfs, and extremely long form entries.

Before that, in 2009-2010, I worked at a few different companies, building social and custom client websites.

I graduated at SFU in 2006 with Computing Science Degree, with Software Engineering Specialist certificate.


Post Credits

Full time dad, part time gamer, ex-photographer/snowboarder

Speaks and reads Taiwanese Mandarin, no simplified please

Very out of touch with social networks (it's both good and bad)

Lost a day of my life cause I flew around the world in one direction

I have to eat McDonalds and buy a Starbucks mug in every country I visit