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UX UI designer specialize in enterprise app

I design and code css, I like to find deals, travel around the world

Additional Skills Meet with clients, build prototypes, present designs // Build marketing materials, slide decks, business cards // Assist with onboarding, mentor interns // Plan office layouts and set ups, build Ikea furnitures // Calculate efficient number of pizza to order for team lunches

Adventure Log

From 2020, I am a Product Designer at SEDNA Systems

For the past decade, I've worked at Stage 3 Systems Inc., a tech company that builds web apps for the shipping industry. As the only designer in a small company, I was in charged of all UX/UI needs; from application design to branding and marketing materials.

I traveled and met clients around the world - learned and helped solve unique industry problems such as thousands of emails in a day, complex shipping process with hundreds of pdfs, and extremely long form entries.

Before that, in 2009-2010, I worked at a few different companies, building social and custom client websites.

I graduated at SFU in 2006 with Computing Science Degree, with Software Engineering Specialist certificate.

By the way...

Still in the middle of transferring old site to new service, but these stock photos are pretty good


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The things I wrote, about me!

Gamer, photographer, snowboarder, food lover

Speaks and reads Chinese, and minimal Japanese

Sings along to many Spotify playlist, even ones I can't speak like Kpop

Lost a day of my life cause I flew around the world in one direction

I have to eat McDonalds and buy a Starbucks mug in every country I visit


Located in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada


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