• March 14, 2012

    2 month London timeline – read #8

    Arrived in London, UK, on Jan 15th. Headed up to Middlesbrough for a few days, 1 day in Immingham. Back to London and stayed in Holiday Inn, Gloucester Road for a week+, moved to Wyndham Chelsea Harbor for a night. Moved to 2 different flats in Marylebone for about a week. Went back up to Middlesbrough for a night, then Hull for another night, landed back in Hoxton for a month and half. 3 more days I’ll have a home home in Clapham North.

    It’ll be a nice gift to myself.

    Posts about all my travels are coming next! As usual, the readings,

    Rimino, A Radical Concept For The Future Of Mobile Computing

    4 Elements That Make A Good User Experience Into Something Great

    Google’s new “batshit crazy” UX

    What Your Product’s Design Says About You

    Wireframing Mobile Apps or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Index Cards

    Designing Engaging And Enjoyable Long-Form Reading Experiences

  • February 15, 2012

    missing out! – read #7

    it seems like, everytime i decided to look for something to do, it will just had happened over the last weekend, last week, etc. I sat at home playing Terraria all day when they had the biggest Chinese New Years celebration at Trafalgar Square, I missed Fish Leung’s UK concert by 2 days, and now I just found out that Music Bank Kpop Festival was last weekend in Paris!!! SNSD! T-ARA!! Kill me now #FML

    as usual, a list of articles I went through as I try to keep up with this mad world, my favorite is definitely the dungeon and dragons article, quote the author,

    This is also true in the real world. It’s totally possible to do both design and development, and in the early stages one will actually aid the other. But as you undertake one project after another you’ll find that it’ll take you longer to become an expert in either. So it’s great if you’re an all rounder in a team of all rounders, but becomes difficult to carve out a meaningful niche amongst a group of experts.

    am i a thief or a bard?

    Why you should move that button 3px to the left

    Costco Typography

    Our Favorite Typefaces of 2011

    Web Design Disciplines Explained Through the Medium of Dungeons & Dragons

    What Does Teaching Creativity Look Like?

    Designer Myopia: How To Stop Designing For Ourselves

  • January 31, 2012

    Jan 2012s readings – read #6

    Man, i really really REALLY want to redesign my blog, i drew up a design like half a year ago, and… it still looks as is, I’ve been trying to read up on this “Responsive Design” thing, it seems to be where it’s at, and really, it just makes sense. Oh and those negative logos, are sick.

    Eva Zeisel, The Late Modern Master, On The Hazard Of Too Much Innovation

    20 things you can do this year to improve your user’s experience

    Hey Dummy: This Is What “Responsive Design” Means

    Inclusive Design

    40 Negative Space Logo Designs

  • December 5, 2011

    London’s Read – November – read #4

    Totally slacked off on reading these days, been quite busy actually, with doing… i dunno what, touristy things i guess, i will definitely make a post of the trip before you know, i come back lol, that is, if i come back alive from going to Brixton, but at least i’ll get to see 4minute and g.na at the o2!

    How did Google do a barrel roll?

    Quick little UI feedback tip

    The overuse of HTML5 and CSS3

    The Perfect Paragraph

    21 Examples of Single Colored Backgrounds in Web Design

    Web pages are getting more bloated, and here’s why

    The economics of Christmas lights

  • October 26, 2011

    This Month’s Reads – Oct 26 – read #3

    Wow this week, or these weeks of readings are coming super slow, i need to check my twitter update more often, but it’s quite busy this month, there’s some big changes in my life, since i sorta decided quit my job, and go on to travel europe instead lol, i’ll definitely make a post about that later, i’ll have plenty of time ;p

    Design With Dissonance

    The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design

    Why Stylesheet Abstraction Matters

    The Social Network Paradox

    How Gamification Can Make News Sites More Engaging

  • October 12, 2011

    This Week’s Reads – Oct 1st – read #2

    it’s more like the last 3 weeks of reads, 3x the time, same number of reads! ha i knew this was going to be hard to keep up, but I”m trying ;p

    10 Tips for Designing Better Infographics | Design Shack

    Conversation Techniques For Designers

    Not Your Parent’s Mobile Phone: UX Design Guidelines For Smartphones

    16 PIXELS For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake

    Practical CSS3 tables with rounded corners

    What Drives Brand Sociability? [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • September 21, 2011

    A few articles a week – read #1

    Just a few to start, that’s it. I’ve been a designer ever since I finished school (i tried to be at least, with a comp sci degree ha, go figure). I used to learn things, try things, discover things, and then surprise people with things. It’s why I can do what I do today, but what about tomorrow? Next week/month/year?

    Now I am a big lazy bum and I can only learn things when forced, or else I’m either playing games or out. So this is the new thing I’m trying to do for myself, read something new everyday.

    I hate reading too, maybe I should just go back to school instead.

    Last week’s reads:

    CSS3 Flexible Box Layout Explained

    Why Does Interaction Design Matter? Let’s Look At The Evolving Subway Experience

    The Guide To CSS Animation: Principles and Examples

    Social Media Report: Q3 2011

    Create An Animated Bar Graph With HTML, CSS And jQuery