• October 19, 2012

    Taiwan style

    It’s been 7 years since I’ve been back to Taiwan. This time I was lucky enough to be back at same time as my aunt and cousins. Also the weather was a bit less torturing than Singapore at (23-28 degrees), but I was still melting away whenever I was outside or eat anything with hot soup.

    If there was only one thing you do in TW, it was to just eat. Eat everything; there’s always food available, from awesome breakfast sandwich with milk tea to tons of night market stalls, little corner deep fried chicken nugget stands to random cold noodle shop that opened from 2-8am. The usual daily routine was to eat breakfast, lunch for 3 hours, find dinner, snack at night market or somewhere. There was even 24 hour dim sum! My schedule was super full for the whole 10 days I was in Taiwan, ate out pretty much everyday with relatives. Jap style tonkatsu meal, night market food, hot pot / mongolian grill, beef noodles etc. Had a chance to play MJ one night too, where I lost all my money, and then won it all back by 自摸 twice. Then after MJ we all went to eat cold noodles, at 2am. (more…)