• August 2, 2012

    London 2012 – read #11

    It’s been a long while since I posted a reading post, lots has happened, saw many things, flew too many times haha. Right now, just enjoy the olympics! Once in a life time! … which was exactly what I said 2 years ago at the Vancouver winter Olympics haha, time goes by so fast, never would’ve guessed that I’d be where I am now, maybe this’ll be a new trend, Sochi next, then on to Brazil!

    Anyway, I got to go see beach volleyball and badminton yesterday. Despite people’s perception of watching beach vball, I personally really like the sport. Beach, sand, bring some beer, play some ball, sooo awesome… I really miss playing beach vball rec league back at Navarik ;/ Also watching badminton really made me miss playing too, so when I go back I’m definitely gonna play some. Was lucky enough last night to watch Canada and Taiwan played, the Canada team player names were Bruce / Li! You can’t lose with a name combo like that! So of course we won, vs Australia too ;p On the other hand, team Taiwan had to play team China lol, and lost big time. The saddest moment though, was when the Japan player Sato hurt her leg, and she had to leave the game. She tried to play on for a few more shots but she was just hopping around the court, and gave up in the end… these athletes are really something. She walked off crying, it must’ve been so devastating, so brutal, 4 years of training, ended… =(

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  • June 15, 2012

    The Month of May

    omg I haven’t blog for sooo long, i blame diablo 3, i blame everything on diablo 3, let’s do a quick overview of the last month of #uklife, we can track it with my pics on flickr!


    Nice little town, fancy colleges, I wanted to rent a boat and push with a stick, but it rained, that’s all I remembered.

    London Olympic Stadium Opening

    Me and my flatmate Linda went to the opening of the Olympic Stadium, which was pretty sweet (and cheap too! £20 for ticket), they did some pre lim competition, and then some celebrities came out (like Sporty Spice!), and… there’s not much else to say about it. They came up with this card stock fan thing for people to make noise and cheer, and it was damn effective, so cheap too, geniuses. So now I don’t have to try to find an event to go during Olympics just to see the place, though I still want to see the Aquatic Center, too bad diving costs a million pounds. (more…)

  • October 19, 2009

    less than 4 months

    can’t figure out how to do the comments properly i’ll have to take a bit more time to look/clean it up, add add my side bar back, but i’m so lazy ;/

    that is, if i decided to work on the site at all lol, i’ve been playing lots beating almost all the games i want to beat before i get my hands on uncharted 2 (the only one left unfinished is professor layton and the diabolical box something), i even started to play zelda twilight princess on wii (again) cause i beat most of the ones i wanted to finish – naruto ultimate ninja storm, final fantasy crisis core, shadow complex

    i went to a van 2010 volunteer get together thing on fri, i didn’t know ANYONE except 1 person, so that was pretty… adequate, i think i left in about 30 min, then i went to my olympic volunteer session on sat, saw a few of ppl from the world cup and that made up for it, the same group sorta getting back together, found out what the olympic uniform looks like, look pretty sweet


    2010 is gonna be soooo awesome, except for the transit crap, because i can only take the bus up to cypress from capilano college or lonsdale quay (45 min?), which means i’ll have to bus skytrain from richmond to waterfront (25-35 min?), take seabus (?? min), then take bus up mountain, THEN walk from bus stop on mtn to village/volunteer tent (15 – 30 min?), it’s gonna take like 2.5 hrs EACH WAY, gg

    yesterday went to wings #2 at wings daves where everybody get together, yay dave for hosting, he’s home alone for a month, board game marathon time! but ya, wings night is basically errbody bring a flavor, and deep fry/bake 200+ wings, there were salt&pepper/hot/lemon pepper/honey something/soy sauce/sweet thai/terriyaki, AND some random flavors like lemon honey/orange ginger, and my lemon pepper garlic aka albino wings, which sucked, cause i baked it, but then i deep fried it after, and turned awesome, i call it the double cooked blackened albino wings, something like that, doesn’t matter, it turned awesome at the end, but ian didn’t take his big bertha wing back, what a jerk

    i think that was the first time i had a wings night w/o beer

    and romo has a fart button on his side, when you poke it’ll go *fart*