• June 14, 2011

    Lunches and running

    This post is about one week late >.<

    There’s a new thing in my life, or goal in some way, for the past few month. Leading up to this mexico trip (woooo!) I’ve been trying to eat less, eat healthier, and exercise more, like for real this time, for realz lol

    I probably said it multiple times, but this time I’m actually sorta keeping up with it, my lunches involve more expensive salad or wraps from food court than tasty greasy/deep fried anything, I run at lunchtime once or twice a week, I fixed my bike finally so I can potentially ride, I eat way less rice or dinner in general, I buy less group buy deal thingys, I need to start drinking black coffee, and i still … cant cut beer out of my diet especially during hockey nights, and i will NEVER be able to resist a delicious poutine… but hey every little thing counts!

    … who am I kidding, I’m getting sick of eating salads, I havent had pizza lunch for a week+! I didn’t even go for $1 pizza day at freshslice!! Something must be wrong… or working I guess :s

  • June 1, 2009

    summer time now

    time it took to go home last weds: 57:22.5

    time it took to go to amrik’s house today: 55:22.6

    for some reason, when i biked to amrik’s place, and i call him, and you’d think he just haves to come down elevator and get me, but no i always have to wait 5 to 10 min, hmm…

    this weekend i got my wii back, and i’m so happy that i found my mario kart too, and then kingsburger expansion is coming out soon, gotta go to bucks! this week it is going to be 25+ deg, i think when i buy a place, i need to get one beside the beach, cause all i want to do is go lie on the beach after work, and bbq for dinner, i want weber q220 ;/

    i havn’t wrote much about lunch, although i have been eating out about once a week, let’s see, the best pick of the last 2 or 3 weeks has to be falafel maison on robson and richards, man that place makes good sharwarma, packed with chicken, and nice size – for me, everyone else was super full though, all for 6.04 (and most of the time he wont even take ur 4 cents), go early or go late, it has big line ups. I also tried salsa & agave mexican food on pacific, they’re pretty authentic, but also expensive, I had these rolled tacos trio (chicken/beef/potato) for like 8.50 and… i don’t think it’s worth it, maybe get the 4 tacos for 8 instead, but still, they’re kinda small

    the best deal so far though, had to be the $1.99 mcchicken sandwich, i had 2 for 4 bux, nothing can beat that

  • April 27, 2009

    not the best in town – falafel town

    today, im going to write my first yaletown lunch outing, though i wonder how long i can keep this out

    i went to falafel town on granville, i havn’t had a sharwarma for a long time, so me and dave went and got some lamb sharwarma at falafel town, with a “best in town” sign, that’s why i chose it, in short, the lamb was ok, not really a lot of meat and veggies inside (boo urns), but definitely not enough sauces, it was not the best in town for me, i don’t know why, the one at SFU was so much better in my memory, even though it’s probably the same lol

    (and then when i walked out of the store, i stepped in semi hardened cement lol, the construction guy totally saw it and had to go redo it, fail me)

    the first place i went was japadog, but i dont even need to write anything about it, if you havn’t had one yet, man you’re missing out, they did have a new flavor when i went – okonomi, and it was yum, it’s basically okonomiyaki toppings on your hotdog, cabbage / dried fish thing / okonomiyaki sauces, i wish i had more cabbages though, might be a bit expensive – 6.25 or 6.75? cause it also come with kurobuta dog, which to me, didn’t really make any difference, kurobuta dog not worth my extra 1 – 2 dollars, if you’re adventurous go for it, if not, terrimayo is always default