• February 26, 2013

    London vs Vancouver – read #14

    Feel like I should post stuff again, and read more stuff too, I’ve been pretty lazy on reading articles ever since I got an iphone. Always gaming instead of reading tsk tsk. Anyway, instead of keeping all these draft posts, here’s my last one, from when I came back home from London. Oh and this cover image needs to be in color to show off our beautiful Vancouver ;p


    It almost felt like now that I’m home, there’s no more weekend travelling, and so there’s no need to blog ;p it’s the life of Vancouver, chill out, stay home, play games, snowboard, eat Japanese food, drink mega mugs.

    The life of busy sardine packing style but convenient commute on the tube has been replaced by long commute on the tiny skytrain or drive in traffic hours.

    The life of drinks after work BEFORE dinner is now go home, eat, and beat the 8 video games lined up from all the no gaming last year.

    The life of where we going this weekend and catching 430am bus for 630am flight is now… I guess snowboarding, the only thing I really wake up for.

    The life of being a bum because everything in pounds is too baller is now buy EVERYTHING – anime figures, games, snowboards, shoes, lego, apps, board games, a mattress.


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  • March 14, 2012

    2 month London timeline – read #8

    Arrived in London, UK, on Jan 15th. Headed up to Middlesbrough for a few days, 1 day in Immingham. Back to London and stayed in Holiday Inn, Gloucester Road for a week+, moved to Wyndham Chelsea Harbor for a night. Moved to 2 different flats in Marylebone for about a week. Went back up to Middlesbrough for a night, then Hull for another night, landed back in Hoxton for a month and half. 3 more days I’ll have a home home in Clapham North.

    It’ll be a nice gift to myself.

    Posts about all my travels are coming next! As usual, the readings,

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  • February 1, 2012

    the New #UKLife

    You know, new, like new new. This is it, I’m gonna be here for a while now, need the agroove UK/Europe edition just like the Japan edition 5 years ago

    I came back mid January, so been here just about 2 weeks now, and by 1st week of February, I would’ve dragged my giant luggage – my life in a bag as I call it, to Middlesbrough, Immingham, 2 hotels and 3 flats in London, which then the journey would finally end in Hoxton ish area, where I will be living for 2 months.

    But the last 2 weeks has been quite a blast, since Neil, my buddy who also works with me, was also here traveling along on his business trip. Nothing too exciting happened, since Neil isn’t exactly the exciting guy to be around with hahah – I got him to eat seafood at least – which for him, was “adventurous”. His goals were drink as many different beers as possible, visit old pubs, and play some darts, so we did just that. I checked in to about 10+ pubs in 7 days, he had probably at least 15 different kinds of beer, and found one pub to play some darts.

    The most interesting pub for me was probably Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet St, by Temple/St Paul area, it was pub (re?)built in in 1660s, it felt like a dungeon as you walked further into the place, went down the stairs, through with metal gates, and tall people kept hitting their head on the door frame cause people back in the days were a lot shorter I guess, and yes it was packed on a weekday.

    The nicest pub was Gordon Ramsay’s The Narrow (of course) on Narrow St, sorta close to Canary Wharf I guess? I found this place thanks to Jen’s tweet on some Vancouver Sun writer’s London eats article. Right by the water, and resto section had all windows seats to look out to the place. I ordered bangers and mash, and will assume that it’s the best bangers and mash (at at affordable price) I’ll have. We also ended up in some random pub called The Grapes few blocks down, which apparently is partly owned by Gandalf – Ian McKellen.

    Other notable things were:

    • You can get massive portion of fish and chips at Rock and Sole Plaice (I think that’s the name) on Endell St for ~£17, 2 pc + chips
    • For a fancy dinner I recommend Circus to everyone, you eat and watch a circus show, literally, if you wiling to pay
    • 20 pc nuggets is only £4.75! I had 4 orders during the 2 weeks lol
    • If you want to play darts at a pub, go somewhere further out cause obviously city pubs are all packed

    Now I’m on a Tesco Meal Deal diet, where I go buy a sandwich, small bag of chips and juice, it’s been my last 4 out of 5 meal. For £2.50, I’d be stupid not to get it.

  • December 6, 2011

    And Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips

    Bacon is everywhere here! and you can’t really complain about having too much bacon.

    I started this post like 2 weeks ago, but never had a chance to finish ;/ How long has it been? It feels like it’s been more than a month or 2 already, but really I think it’s just almost one month ha (since branflakes’ bday pretty much), does this mean I’m enjoying the life in London or not? I don’t really know yet, but it’s definitely something new. I work in the day, commute on the tube here and there to work in london, or work in the local office near Essex, and I go home, eat, watch anime and tv shows, work more, sleep… doesn’t sound new at all, other than I’m just doing it in another environment. I did a lot of the touristy stuff the last time when I came over to UK and Stockholm, so now it’s just regular living, I met like 2 friends here in London so far lol, life is a bit tough depending on what you do, but you gotta make the most of it. By the way plane is a great place to meet people, just gotta remember to get their name and contact (I could’ve have… 3 or 4 friends!). I also had a chance to go up to Leicester to visit Katie, and I also went up to Leeds to visit the Snog guys Jonny and Will. Both were some awesome crazy party weekends, I kinda feel like I’m too old to hang out with these uni kids, but at least I look like one of them.

    My intro to London

    • Taking the bus/train sucks, tube all the way. It gets you everywhere in London, and comes every 3 – 8 min or something. Almost every time when I have to go into London, I wait 10 min for bus, and then i’d miss the train, and wait another 15 min, and then like a 30 – 45 min ride on the tube. But, the tube is dirty and hot, no air con, and gets super packed like japan, without the person pushing you of course.
    • Driving here is crazy too, all these roundabouts took me a long time just to figure out how it works, and people will not stop for you if you jaywalk, everyone does it though, so my rule is – cross when someone else is crossing – hit one hit all.
    • Everyone know london is expensive, I’ll give you some examples – I went to at least 10 pharmacies just to find the best deal on contacts solution, because I could’ve bought 2 big bottles + 1 travel size at costco for $15 back home, but instead I ended up paying £9 for a medium size 240ml bottle =( On the other hand, you can get a can of guiness or strongbow for about £1.05. The other day, I ate a full size sandwich and salad at a cafe for £2.60, but had a lunch at nandos for about £10 for a chicken wrap and 1 side with no drink. Also when you go eat fast food, eat in always cost most because you have to pay tax, but most places there’s no benches or a place to sit for you to eat out and save. Taking the train here is pretty expensive as well unless you book it like 3 months ahead, the train to visit Katie in Leicester was £50 for round trip, that’s like almost $90 for a 2 x 2 hr train ride.
    • Most of the food here taste just fine, most of the time I’m eating a sandwich, cause it’s the easiest thing to grab and go The indian food here is awesome, and I found that a lot of english food just have no taste, pepper and ketchup to the rescue. Even bacon isn’t as good, but bacon is bacon, 90% of sandwiches have chicken and/or bacon. There’s lots of chicken and/or kebabs places here, and fish and chips are so great mm mmm. I also had one of the WORST japanese food in Leeds lol, jonny/will I have to take you guys somewhere else for redemption.
    • They love their curry sauce and brown (hp) sauce.
    • Sunday roast dinner is awesome.

    Unexpectedly (is that a word?), I’m now coming home for xmas and new years, and I’m really happy for it actually. Now that I’m 5 or 6 years older than the last time I left the country to live on my own, my perspectives are quite different, one thing for sure is that, I really miss my friends and family ;p But, it’s not gonna stop me, cause I’m living out one of my life dreams/goals/whatever you call it (y). My fridge is just as empty as last time though.

    Pictures speak for themselves, check them out on flickr

    And yes I know emoticon doesn’t exist for post, and putting them in a blog seems a bit lame lol