• August 15, 2013

    All about the chicken (reboot the blog time) – read #15

    Look at this blog, I haven’t posted a thing in 6 months! I didn’t even write about my work trip to China and Shanghai! What happened >.< I would say, I got video games back happened, and I got an insane list of games to catch up on so my daily weekday schedule on my own is now work, 10 minute exercise (some is better than none?), dinner, games rest of the night.

    I started to do this diet thing with Eric, my own purpose was to lose some weight before I go on the cruise, so I’ve been trying to follow his routine, in about 60% capacity. He exercised hardcore for 20 min, I do mediocre intensity for 10 min. He eats 1 cheat meal a week, I eat 2.5 a week lol. I’ve been eating baked chicken breast for about 90% of my lunch and dinner, and if I don’t find something else soon, this stuff is gonna old. Anyway, I’m going to try to stick with this, I’m even logging meal details (also at 60% accuracy… well maybe 80) in a fitness app! Serious shit yo. You know what though, at the end of the day, I’m still eating way better and less than what I normally would, so that should help.

    I’m not going to finish my previous couple of posts. I will, still post all the reads I did half year ago lol, I should get back into that too…

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  • February 26, 2013

    London vs Vancouver – read #14

    Feel like I should post stuff again, and read more stuff too, I’ve been pretty lazy on reading articles ever since I got an iphone. Always gaming instead of reading tsk tsk. Anyway, instead of keeping all these draft posts, here’s my last one, from when I came back home from London. Oh and this cover image needs to be in color to show off our beautiful Vancouver ;p


    It almost felt like now that I’m home, there’s no more weekend travelling, and so there’s no need to blog ;p it’s the life of Vancouver, chill out, stay home, play games, snowboard, eat Japanese food, drink mega mugs.

    The life of busy sardine packing style but convenient commute on the tube has been replaced by long commute on the tiny skytrain or drive in traffic hours.

    The life of drinks after work BEFORE dinner is now go home, eat, and beat the 8 video games lined up from all the no gaming last year.

    The life of where we going this weekend and catching 430am bus for 630am flight is now… I guess snowboarding, the only thing I really wake up for.

    The life of being a bum because everything in pounds is too baller is now buy EVERYTHING – anime figures, games, snowboards, shoes, lego, apps, board games, a mattress.


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  • February 17, 2011

    crazy february

    i was just thinking the other day, there’s nothing interesting to talk about, but in reality, probably some of the biggest things in my life happened all in this month

    except i don’t really want to talk about them, i feel pretty anti social lately, the only thing i’ll say is that i shaved most of my hair away, and will probably shave the rest of it soon too haha

    so nothing to see here, go back and hunt that rathalos, you want that plate so bad

  • September 9, 2010

    it’s almost that time again

    it’s the most, wonderful time, of the year…

    it’s the most, expensive time, of the year…

    fall is here! black friday is coming! oh ya and there’s xmas after that ;p maybe it’s too early, summer ended too fast, one of my big regrets is that, i’ve never try to ride my bike to work once from surrey, that would’ve been a fun ride i think, and i could actually just skytrain home instead of riding

    but man, holiday shopping is the best/worst time, because i want to buy everything for myself, good thing i’m on a semi budget and i improved lots on my self control spending, just like my eating habits, but i still hate the gym

    seriously though, lately it’s so busy, and i’m so lazy, so it seems like i’m not busy, but there’s quite a few things i need to do in september, and it hurts my head thinking about it, and then my stomach complains, and then… i can only drink water (screw those k0 vegetables), i think this year will end with some big changes, possibly an empty bank account and 600 sq ft of andy’s space… who knows, i dont know yet, there’s always video games to distract me from the important things in life like playing starcraft 2 til 5am and then go for denny’s breakfast, it’s almost a good thing

    im also semi excited for next year already, there’s most likely going to be mexico – ya ya ya go eric/jen, evo – to cheer bran on (i think), and pax – to get my geek on

    PS. twitter is slowly killing my blog >.<‘

  • July 15, 2010

    the slow life

    new design deserves a new post, but i dont have much to post about lately, ive been bumming around for about 1.5 months now since i only work 2 days a week, and starting this week there’s gonna be even more bumming around, recession has caught up to me and my company too ;/ at first it was pretty sweet, oh yay work 2 days a week, 4 day weekend everyweek, and then after a few weeks it’s like hmm… this is good but… i probably have better use of my time other than beating 4+ ps360wii games, and then after few more weeks, i actually got my lazy ass up and redesigned my site, that’s how serious it is, i did something on my own

    but it’s not all bad, ive been running (or rubbing) quite often with ian, i did actually beat about 4-5 games (final fantasy 13, no more heroes 2, super mario galaxy 2, red dead redemption, and today puzzle quest 2) which probably ate up 200+ hrs of my life and i would not be able to achieve this feat without my days off – gamers have an awesome yet somewhat sad life

    who knows what’s gonna happen, find something new? maybe i’ll go to germany or wherever if racquelle gets a job in europe? i just *kinda* hope there’s gonna be a real estate market crash so i can still afford something at the end of the year