• April 27, 2009

    not the best in town – falafel town

    today, im going to write my first yaletown lunch outing, though i wonder how long i can keep this out

    i went to falafel town on granville, i havn’t had a sharwarma for a long time, so me and dave went and got some lamb sharwarma at falafel town, with a “best in town” sign, that’s why i chose it, in short, the lamb was ok, not really a lot of meat and veggies inside (boo urns), but definitely not enough sauces, it was not the best in town for me, i don’t know why, the one at SFU was so much better in my memory, even though it’s probably the same lol

    (and then when i walked out of the store, i stepped in semi hardened cement lol, the construction guy totally saw it and had to go redo it, fail me)

    the first place i went was japadog, but i dont even need to write anything about it, if you havn’t had one yet, man you’re missing out, they did have a new flavor when i went – okonomi, and it was yum, it’s basically okonomiyaki toppings on your hotdog, cabbage / dried fish thing / okonomiyaki sauces, i wish i had more cabbages though, might be a bit expensive – 6.25 or 6.75? cause it also come with kurobuta dog, which to me, didn’t really make any difference, kurobuta dog not worth my extra 1 – 2 dollars, if you’re adventurous go for it, if not, terrimayo is always default