• January 22, 2013

    Nuremberg – the Ultimate Christmas market

    (This has been sitting in draft for too long, not even gonna bother to proof read)

    Finally got around to go through some of my pics in Germany. From what I remembered, it was a giant Xmas markets, went on for blocks and blocks and blocks. We ate heaps of sausages with bread (straight up sausage and just mustard is soooo tasty), and drank a lot of glühwine. Day trip to Munich was quite nice but too short, at least the train ticket was cheap. There wasn’t much else to do, we even went shopping for a bit, I bought all my Starbucks mugs, but couldn’t find the damn “hot dog sauce”. Don’t forget all groceries close on Sunday, and they have super nice subway system.

    Would I go back?

    Germany in general? Yeah, I mean, mega mug is like their regular beer! Nuremburg? … maybe it’s a day trip thing ;p

  • December 3, 2012

    Pisa Florence Rome

    2.5 days in Florence and Pisa

    Italy has always been on the top of my list to travel, Rome and the Colosseum, the amazing pasta and pizza, now I can cross another one off the must-must-visits list. To go to Florence by flying to Pisa is a great way to save money; flights to Pisa are usually way cheaper, then from Pisa you can just take the Terravision bus to Florence for about €10, it only takes about an hour. (more…)

  • November 7, 2012

    Dubrovnik, Bosnia, Montenegro

    (guest writer – Ernie!)

    Ever since I saw this photo of Dubrovnik old town/port in a tourist magazine, it has been one of those cities on top of my list (just like how the poster of the Castle in Kizkalesi in tube station made me want to go to Turkey), so when Anthony told me they were going with Thean and Doris, there was no way I would miss the trip.

    Day 1

    Everything was planned out on this trip for me, kudos to Thean the ultimate trip planner. We arrived at the airport early on Wednesday, with sunny weather on our side. They rented an apartment by the old town, we had to walk a ton of stairs to get to it, but it was still pretty awesome – about 10 min walk from city, and the scenery out the balcony looked at the old town and the island next to it. Not to waste anytime, we dropped off our luggage and went straight into town. (more…)

  • July 30, 2012

    Venice – Spoiled with Travel

    When you can travel to 3 different countries in 3 weeks, I think you’re spoiled with travel, and sadly, you probably won’t appreciate how amazing that really is… it’s probably a good time to take a break ;p

    Day 1

    More trips! I was off to Venice with flatmates and Ernie the weekend after Amsterdam. Except this time I got sick the day before flight, and I had tons of work to catch up on, so in the end I only had about 3 hours of sleep ;/ but the flight was cheap (~£80 round trip?) so, what the hell, all worth it! We got a taxi to the airport at around 330 am to Stansted, and it was so busy! People everywhere, shopping eating drinking (for breakfast?), there was barely any empty seats. Flight to Venice was about 2 hours, I felt like crap still and slept on and off during the flight. We had to take a bus into Venice, and it was so freakin hot, which was awesome, but not, because I was sick… worst. We found our hostel next to an underwear shop, seemed to be the only place with other Asians lol. (more…)

  • July 22, 2012


    Flickr pics here!

    It’s trip number 2 of July, since I’m going to be gone for a while I want to squeeze in some extra trips, so this time me and Ernie decided to hit up Amsterdam. Somehow it ended up being one of my most unplanned trip, the only thing we knew about Amsterdam (apart from the smoking and the boobies) was they got delicious apple pies, and we should ride bikes, and so, they were the only must dos.

    Day 1

    We had to wake up early to catch the bus because Ernie didn’t know where the Luton airport is, and I wasn’t really thinking and I booked bus instead of train, so I was scared that we were going to hit the traffic, but turned out it was a smooth ride to airport, and then we actually got good seats on the plane (I didn’t even know EasyJet gives you seat numbers), and it was probably one of the shortest flight I have taken from UK (45min?) (more…)

  • July 19, 2012

    Andy Carlo in Paris

    Flickr pics here! Set 1 and Set 2!

    I am so behind on my postings cause I wanted to get the new design up, so this will be another point form style, it’s sort of how I keep notes on my trip to help me blog later.

    Day 1

    Took the Eurostar – which I think it’s the best way to go; right into the city, had to taxi to St. Pancras at around 430 am but it was all good. Took metro to our Airbnb flat, got a bit lost on the way, but the host was super nice and came to find us. Dropped off luggage, the place was bit small, with scary dangerous stairs, but nice and home-y looking.  (more…)

  • April 9, 2012

    Traaavelling – March part 2

    Like I mentioned before, March was a busy month, but then again, so is April with the last minute Edinburgh trip, not that I’m complaining, my credit card is probably extra happy, but my wallet and bank account are.

    Les Arcs, France

    Last week of March I went out snowboarding in France with bunch of friends for 4 days. I haven’t done a full on weekend boarding trip for a while, not to mention I keep seeing everyone back home were going Cypress every weekend still, made me so jealous, so theres no way I’d pass on this trip.

    But I didnt bring any of my snowboarding gears here so it’s either buy everything or get them sent to me. Not sure why I didnt plan ahead to get my parents to send it, I just sort of left it til last minute to deal with it, and asked if my boss could bring it. That didnt happen so literally the day before I went and bought brand new pants (yellow!) and went on the plane with only pants and my HH rain jacket. Talk about under prepped.

    We flew to Chambery on awesome BA, the plane was like only 25% full and so spacious compare to Easyjet. We were staying at this chalet in town and they even picked us up from airport. I totally thought we were staying on the resort but turned out it was a town at the bottom of the mountain, and then you take this “funiculaire” up. It’s like Grouse Mountain except its a train, which turned out to be quite decent and convenient considering the money you save from staying at bottom vs on mountain). After we settled in I continued my shopping since I can’t go boarding without goggles or gloves. I tried to cheap out on everything and I found a decent pair of Anon goggles for €30, and the cheapest possible gloves for €15, which surprisingly never soaked through. Now the mountain itself, this ski resort is uber massive. Bought a 4 day pass for about €180, chairlifts and runs are everywhere, its just wide open, I was only able to hit up maybe 30-40% of the mountain in 3.5 days. The weather was amazing, I only wore a long sleeve dri fit and tshirt under my wind breaker, and most of the restaurants have lounge chairs set up and you can just totally chill out under the sun, so genius.

    The chalet was quite interesting, its basically a big house that sleeps about 12 people, and they actually prepared breakfast and dinner for everyone. Its not like just microwave food or mac n cheese, its like full on proper cooked meal, we had full on cooked meals like baked stuffed chicken breast + pasta, and turkey pie with mash. Quite delicious and with wine on the house, I dont mind going back there at all.

    • Highest point reached – 32xx meters
    • Number of times gotten lost – 3
    • Number of front size 180 executed – 1

    Would I go back? Yes, definitely bringing my gears here from home next time I fly from Vancouver, I still got more than half of mountain to hit up

    Geneva, Switzerland – Bonus day

    We were all supposed to head back to London on Monday night from Geneva since its a bigger airport, there were more flight options available. but when I checked flight on Easyjet, flight on Monday was like £100+ and Tuesday was £30 something, so I thought eff that, looked up a hostel, booked for 1 night for about 30 Swiss Franc, and done, I saved about 50% cost and staying in a new city for a night.

    Since I still have to work (yes, I do have work), I only took the morning to quickly check out the town. Went along the water, checked out the flower clock, went into old town and the cathedral, then walked towards the Reformation wall, then headed back taking the “moules” boat and saw the Jet d’Eau on the water. Yep I did a Geneva city tour in about 2.5 hours, the only other main thing I missed was the Nation Palace because you had to take a bus out to visit.

    • Number of strangers met – 4
    • Number of boat ridden – 1
    • Number of chocolate bought – 13 – 15 bars?
    • Most expensive item paid – $5.5 cdn for bottled water

    Would I go back? Probably not, one thing about Switzerland was that its one of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe. I paid about $12 cdn for a reg Mcd meal, $20 cdn for my Starbucks mug, but I did bring back a ton of chocolate bars, all send back to Mr. Perez to delegate ;p

  • March 30, 2012


    “…Haru no yoru no yume no kotoshi, Traaaveling kimi wo Traaaveling…”

    So goal is, every month, there must be one trip, preferably 2, maybe 3 is it’s somewhere cheaper. In March, I traveled quite a bit, and of course, spent quite a bit as well. Not to mention I also moved into a new flat in Clapham North, super busy month. It’s going to be a bit hard to recap it all ;p

    1st Stop – Brussels / Bruges (Belgium)

    Eurostar had a deal a while back where you can get a return trip for £59, which was a really awesome deal (I totally should’ve bought tickets to Paris as well >.<), so me and my flatmate Linda bought tickets to go out to Belgium with Nicole and Steve. Spent first day in Brussels, 2nd day in Bruges, 3rd day back to finish up random destinations. We got quite lucky as there was a Museum Fever Night event where whole bunch of museums stay open til 1am with all sorts of events, so we basically museum hopped and went to 3 or 4. The one I was really curious that I didn’t get to go was the museum of musical instrument, even though I have absolute no interest in it, the mass amount of people lined up for it made me want to go. Yes I know, typical Andy thing. At the same time, we were also quite unlucky that we went to Bruges on a rainy day and didn’t get a chance to do the canal cruise. Bruges is a very nice town, it’s a must see in my opinion. I also had these amazing langoustine prawn something there for lunch, SO GOOD.

    • Number of beers drank ~ 8 (Chimay Bleu, Duvel, Geuze, Rochefort, Hoegaarden Blanche, and 2 taster drinks at Cantillon Brewery)
    • Number of chocolate shop visited – 15 – 20+
    • Number of meals with moules / frites / waffles eaten – 2 / every meal? / 2
    • Number of times denied for dinner – 2 (seriously)

    Would I go back? Yes, cause there’s about 216 more beers I haven’t tried, and I’m always down for mussels and fries (who would’ve thought they go so well together)

    2nd Stop – Nice (France) / Monaco

    Ling/Germaine invited me to hit up Nice with them, so bunch of us (including Anthony and Gita) went out to Nice for a nice beach getaway. Before I continue, I have to say, I know nothing about Europe other than the fact that there’s a million things to see, which is the main reason why I’m here in UK. Lot of times I don’t know what I’m seeing, but as long as I haven’t seen it, I’m down ;p So it was like, “Hey want to go to Nice?” “Yes! … where’s that?”

    We took 1 day to visit Monaco, which was a bit underwhelming… You can easily do it in half a day, or a day if you go into any museums/aquarium. Spent 2nd day exploring Nice, and 3rd day we random toured nearby cities like Antibes and Saint Paul de Vence. Of course I didn’t know that Nice was a city by the water with super nice beaches and random palm trees/cacti everywhere. Our lunch was super yummy, we just went to the market and bought fresh tasty ingredients like sundried tomatoes, saucisson and proschiutto, fresh mozza, and baguettes. Took it all to the beach and just made sandwiches (French style?). Oh and totally recommend a visit to St. Paul, it’s like an old stone city on top of a hill, and had super awesome nicoise salad there.

    • Number of gelato flavors tried – 25
    • Number of cheese sticks bought at the bakery next to hostel – 9 or 12
    • Number of photos taken in the giant picture frame in Monaco ~ 34 (something like that)
    • Number of fancy car spotted at Monte Carlo – lost count
    • Number of uncooked socca eaten – 1

    Would I go back? Maybe, though I think I should visit Paris first if I ever go back to France, and I have to walk around with a baguette, it’s like an accessory, it’s so French.

    Thats enough writing, Ill save the sn0wboarding trip for the next post.