• August 15, 2013

    All about the chicken (reboot the blog time) – read #15

    Look at this blog, I haven’t posted a thing in 6 months! I didn’t even write about my work trip to China and Shanghai! What happened >.< I would say, I got video games back happened, and I got an insane list of games to catch up on so my daily weekday schedule on my own is now work, 10 minute exercise (some is better than none?), dinner, games rest of the night.

    I started to do this diet thing with Eric, my own purpose was to lose some weight before I go on the cruise, so I’ve been trying to follow his routine, in about 60% capacity. He exercised hardcore for 20 min, I do mediocre intensity for 10 min. He eats 1 cheat meal a week, I eat 2.5 a week lol. I’ve been eating baked chicken breast for about 90% of my lunch and dinner, and if I don’t find something else soon, this stuff is gonna old. Anyway, I’m going to try to stick with this, I’m even logging meal details (also at 60% accuracy… well maybe 80) in a fitness app! Serious shit yo. You know what though, at the end of the day, I’m still eating way better and less than what I normally would, so that should help.

    I’m not going to finish my previous couple of posts. I will, still post all the reads I did half year ago lol, I should get back into that too…

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  • June 14, 2011

    Lunches and running

    This post is about one week late >.<

    There’s a new thing in my life, or goal in some way, for the past few month. Leading up to this mexico trip (woooo!) I’ve been trying to eat less, eat healthier, and exercise more, like for real this time, for realz lol

    I probably said it multiple times, but this time I’m actually sorta keeping up with it, my lunches involve more expensive salad or wraps from food court than tasty greasy/deep fried anything, I run at lunchtime once or twice a week, I fixed my bike finally so I can potentially ride, I eat way less rice or dinner in general, I buy less group buy deal thingys, I need to start drinking black coffee, and i still … cant cut beer out of my diet especially during hockey nights, and i will NEVER be able to resist a delicious poutine… but hey every little thing counts!

    … who am I kidding, I’m getting sick of eating salads, I havent had pizza lunch for a week+! I didn’t even go for $1 pizza day at freshslice!! Something must be wrong… or working I guess :s

  • August 24, 2010

    eating healthy

    is hard, and not fun = it sucks

    yesterday it took me 10 min to figure out what i can eat for lunch

    this morning i had to measure my cereal

    i feel guilty if i eat randomly because i have scheduled eating

    and i’m hungry all the time


    this is going last 8 weeks, (most of) our company are doing it, some people are excited, some people are not (me), some people complains (me), some people are doing it for just cause even though they’re already healthy, either way it’s supposed to be a healthier life style, then it’s life changing, is it? is it really!? i want to go for wings and beer RIGHT NOW, all you can eat hot pot or ninkazu! sigh

    to take my mind of it i have to play more starcraft 2, but last night i had one of the most messed up dream, for some f’ed up reason my bottom teeth all fell off and i got some new crazy teeth inside my mouth instead, and it freaked me out when i woke up, and i still get goose bumps when i think about it, maybe i was turning into a zerg in my dream, maybe i played too much starcraft, or i was actually playing starcraft while i was sleeping

    on a totally unrelated topic (and to take my mind off this f’ed up dream), went to the michael buble concert on sat with gf and eric/jen, and he’s such a comedian, and he can do michael jackson dance, and along with the rest you know, awesome singing/voice, looking sexy in his suit, who wouldn’t want him?