• December 11, 2012

    More Desert! – Istanbul, Cappadocia

    One day Istanbul

    It took about 8 hours with time difference to go to Istanbul from London… We flew Easyjet from Luton – 3.5-4 hour flight, 2 hour time difference, 1.5 hrs bus from Sabiha airport to Taksim square (traffic was nuts in town), another 30 min walk through the high street to get to our Airbnb place. It was a bit ridiculous even though we flew the first flight in the morning, half day was already gone. (more…)

  • May 8, 2012

    Morocco episode 2: the desert, yalla yalla!

    After 3 nights in Marrakech, we set off to the Atlas mountain / desert tour. The tour was 2 days drive to the Sahara desert with bunch of stops, ride a camel out for a couple of hours, then spent a night in a camp, and then back to town on the last day. We were the last group to get picked up so we ended up sitting all separately, which is not a big deal because we all made new friends! There were all sorts of people on the tour – koreans, greeks, spanish, french, americans, italia, austria; some people were on vacation, some people had been backpacking for 8 months already (2 crazy korean girls!), and I sat beside the Korean dude who’s beem travelling for 2-3 months along the Europe coast then down to Morocco. (more…)