• February 15, 2012

    missing out! – read #7

    it seems like, everytime i decided to look for something to do, it will just had happened over the last weekend, last week, etc. I sat at home playing Terraria all day when they had the biggest Chinese New Years celebration at Trafalgar Square, I missed Fish Leung’s UK concert by 2 days, and now I just found out that Music Bank Kpop Festival was last weekend in Paris!!! SNSD! T-ARA!! Kill me now #FML

    as usual, a list of articles I went through as I try to keep up with this mad world, my favorite is definitely the dungeon and dragons article, quote the author,

    This is also true in the real world. It’s totally possible to do both design and development, and in the early stages one will actually aid the other. But as you undertake one project after another you’ll find that it’ll take you longer to become an expert in either. So it’s great if you’re an all rounder in a team of all rounders, but becomes difficult to carve out a meaningful niche amongst a group of experts.

    am i a thief or a bard?

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  • August 24, 2010

    eating healthy

    is hard, and not fun = it sucks

    yesterday it took me 10 min to figure out what i can eat for lunch

    this morning i had to measure my cereal

    i feel guilty if i eat randomly because i have scheduled eating

    and i’m hungry all the time


    this is going last 8 weeks, (most of) our company are doing it, some people are excited, some people are not (me), some people complains (me), some people are doing it for just cause even though they’re already healthy, either way it’s supposed to be a healthier life style, then it’s life changing, is it? is it really!? i want to go for wings and beer RIGHT NOW, all you can eat hot pot or ninkazu! sigh

    to take my mind of it i have to play more starcraft 2, but last night i had one of the most messed up dream, for some f’ed up reason my bottom teeth all fell off and i got some new crazy teeth inside my mouth instead, and it freaked me out when i woke up, and i still get goose bumps when i think about it, maybe i was turning into a zerg in my dream, maybe i played too much starcraft, or i was actually playing starcraft while i was sleeping

    on a totally unrelated topic (and to take my mind off this f’ed up dream), went to the michael buble concert on sat with gf and eric/jen, and he’s such a comedian, and he can do michael jackson dance, and along with the rest you know, awesome singing/voice, looking sexy in his suit, who wouldn’t want him?

  • December 14, 2009

    being a cheap drunk

    oh monday morning, sometimes it’s super random, today on the skytrain some crazy brown person were yelling at ppl (to get out his way?) so he can get off at broadway station, and then next station some chick were yelling at this weird looking dood with his headphones on (that his music is too loud? i wasn’t sure), and then when i was walking to work, i saw some lady holding an umbrella, cause it’s snowing super mini flurry, dont want any of those in my hair

    in the last few months, i feel like i haven’t been drinking much at all, other than a beer here and there, or weekly awesome beer o clock at thirdi, heck i haven’t had beer in my fridge since summer and that used to be one of the very few things i’d have, so about last last weekends, me kei and eric went to see will, then we drank some for pre bday celebration, and i was out at 6am, i think i had a good amount, not lots but it was good (but apparently i went super pale, and i slept sitting up with my head laying on my couch), then over the weekend we had our work xmas party, and i failed, i was at the awesome fun limit after like 3 or 4 drinks – which means anymore could be bad news – and we barely started to eat, btw it was an awesome party i never realized i work with like 20+ ppl (so it seems) not 6-8 like everyday at work

    i wonder, not being able to drink lots, should be a good thing, right? less spending on buying drinks, less drinks in your body, less peeing break… but i feel like, i lost something lol, i lost one of my ability, i used to boast about it, and now i have to re-learn how to drink

    oh i also went to see lady gaga last weds, it was very awesome, glad i got tix in the end to see it, few pics in a bit

  • November 9, 2009

    lights drive my music soul

    busy busy weekend, november seems to be a busy month with birthdays and stuff, nick’s bday thing was friday, you’re so old my brotha, stop studying and let’s play some boardgames! oh and not to forget, happy birthday bran-tastics-flakes, sorry i missed it this week but you can look and admire the chun/mai pic ur sf artbook, get your platinum trophy in sf4 already, i got my plat for uncharted 2 (means you can borrow it now if you want to play)

    saturday me and kei went to the Lights concert, never been to a concert at the commodore, man it’s small and i was so close on the floor even though i’m probably not close at all, and you know why i hate floor? because i’m not tall, tall ppl owned you, like there’s this GIANT dood who just randomly squeeze through and stood RIGHT IN FRONT of us before the concert is about to start, and everyone was just like WTF DOOD, and he’s like don’t worry man i’m trying to get to the front, follow me and you’ll get to the very front too (and he does in the end, wtf), in the end i wish i had a table and i can sit and watch, and also i wish i didn’t buy that one bottle of sleeman so i could’ve cash to buy a her record as concert goodie, i have to/always do, buy a concert goodie for every concert i go, soooo lame, stupid beer screwd me over


    lights concert 1

    lights concert 2

    lights concert 2

    Lights is pretty awesome though, she was rocking it with her keytar, she had many cool songs, after going to her concert, i’ve just been listening to her cd non stop, maybe she’s bringing me back to the eng music world

    i also got owned by my memory card, because when i was recording some hd vids, my camera told me recording had to be stopped because the memory card speed was too slow, fooook, time to get a sandisk extreme III sdhc, and maybe a better camera because i couldn’t get any non-blurred shots either… sigh ;/

    and man i dunno why the image thumb shows up fine, and i see the photo when i ftp connect, but if i click to see fullsize image i get error, gaaahhh