• July 22, 2012


    Flickr pics here!

    It’s trip number 2 of July, since I’m going to be gone for a while I want to squeeze in some extra trips, so this time me and Ernie decided to hit up Amsterdam. Somehow it ended up being one of my most unplanned trip, the only thing we knew about Amsterdam (apart from the smoking and the boobies) was they got delicious apple pies, and we should ride bikes, and so, they were the only must dos.

    Day 1

    We had to wake up early to catch the bus because Ernie didn’t know where the Luton airport is, and I wasn’t really thinking and I booked bus instead of train, so I was scared that we were going to hit the traffic, but turned out it was a smooth ride to airport, and then we actually got good seats on the plane (I didn’t even know EasyJet gives you seat numbers), and it was probably one of the shortest flight I have taken from UK (45min?) (more…)

  • October 21, 2010

    local silent hill – barnston island

    it’s been a while since i updated, quite a bit has happened i think, or just… big changes, like i got laid off (whaaa…), and then 67 hours later, i got a new job (yay!!), i’ll be working along side with a friend surely and my old scrum overlord¬†master at Reinvent, but anyway this is not what this post is about ;p

    for about 2 months, my head was filled with the determination of doing “ride to conquer cancer” event, where you bike from here all the way to seattle in 2 days, and everyone thinks it’s insane, but i just think it’d be SO AWESOME, to do something crazy like this, and accomplish it, it sounds sooo fun. So first things first, i needed to rally up some allies to go through this, so i asked my buddies romo and branflakes to go for a training ride with me, and i found a perfect beginner distance bike route to do too, the weather was perfect, so we set out to ride on a sunday afternoon, to barnston island

    we left from brans house, rode down 160th, all the way over the highway, and took the wrong way to go towards the ferry on 176th and paid for it by climbing a giant hill to go back on track, we rode down this super hill into an industrial area, and got on this tiny 4-car barge to go across the river, ¬†and landed on the island. The island is about 10 km all the way around, there’s a rest point just under 2km away if you go left, or about 8km if you go right, since we weren’t tired yet, we took the long way. The island is pretty flat, but bumpy ish, and very few people, no cars at all, so it was pretty nice and relaxing. After a while, people disappeared, houses were disappearing as well, and it was just us on the road, and we found mike (&) roma’s house, and this island was just crazy

    for probably the next 6km, which seemed like forever, it was just nothing, farmland, and one straight road, our “special” area were all in pain, and this was only half of the trip lol, we saw a cool goat farm, i took pics and tweeted while i was riding, we finally got to the rest area and recovered for about 10 min, and started to make our way back

    the way back home was just a pain, we took 176 st all the way for a shorter route, right off the ferry it’s one giant hill up, but there’s nothing else to do but man it up, we went over the highway and rode straight back to brans on 160th, and i had hot pot all you can eat afterwards, romo had the best donair and ice cream (so he said), and bran… rested

    see why i wear sexy tight biking shorts now? where we going next?

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    Barnston island adventure – total distance ~30.1km (17.9km going, 12.1 back), total time ~3 hours

  • September 9, 2010

    it’s almost that time again

    it’s the most, wonderful time, of the year…

    it’s the most, expensive time, of the year…

    fall is here! black friday is coming! oh ya and there’s xmas after that ;p maybe it’s too early, summer ended too fast, one of my big regrets is that, i’ve never try to ride my bike to work once from surrey, that would’ve been a fun ride i think, and i could actually just skytrain home instead of riding

    but man, holiday shopping is the best/worst time, because i want to buy everything for myself, good thing i’m on a semi budget and i improved lots on my self control spending, just like my eating habits, but i still hate the gym

    seriously though, lately it’s so busy, and i’m so lazy, so it seems like i’m not busy, but there’s quite a few things i need to do in september, and it hurts my head thinking about it, and then my stomach complains, and then… i can only drink water (screw those k0 vegetables), i think this year will end with some big changes, possibly an empty bank account and 600 sq ft of andy’s space… who knows, i dont know yet, there’s always video games to distract me from the important things in life like playing starcraft 2 til 5am and then go for denny’s breakfast, it’s almost a good thing

    im also semi excited for next year already, there’s most likely going to be mexico – ya ya ya go eric/jen, evo – to cheer bran on (i think), and pax – to get my geek on

    PS. twitter is slowly killing my blog >.<‘

  • July 15, 2009

    mini! mini? mini…

    time bike to work: 56:55.2

    last week bike to work: 1:00:02.x something?

    number of detours today: 2

    number of thumbs up i got: 1!

    buy a car that i always want? then i’ll have no money

    keep saving and then buy a place in year? then i’ll have less then no money, and i’ll won’t be able to buy another car for who knows how long

    there’s always the motorcycle option, but it only works for 1 person, and summer

    that is the question that’s been in my head for the last week, and will be for the next month or 2

    i need to somehow live like a bum again, so i dont spend any money, it’s so hard cause i have a shopping problem (“a good deal is money saved“, which is totally not true hahah), but first i’m going to put 5 or 6 dollars on lottery today, because i won’t have to think/worry with 32 (or 22?) million

  • May 27, 2009

    bike to work 09 #2

    • time it takes to get to amrik’s place: 55:58.7 (17.3km approx from google map)
    • number of caterpillar crushed: 0 (sooo close)
    • number of shortcuts found: 1
    • number of spiders found in amrik’s pool shower: 1

    you don’t realize how much easier it seems to ride to work when you know what route to go/expect, but we’ll see what happens when i ride home ;/ i saw crazy cool water spraying into the river when crossing cambie bridge (amrik said it was fire hydrant testing)

    and totally diff topic, i want to buy a bbq, NOW, home depot give me good deals pls

  • May 20, 2009

    my butt hurts

    i finally biked to work today, first trip of the year, i didn’t have a stop watch, but i’m guessing it took about an hr or so (7:05 – 8:07?), yay for amrik letting me into the pool and use shower even though i was a bit late, and getting onto cambie bridge is confusing, and heather st has super hills, i dont know how i’m going to go home

    and then when i got here, while i was locking up my bike, these guys came beside me and one guy said, “wtf someone just stole my front tire”, hmm…

    i’m totally going out for lunch today, i think i want to try that mexican food place on pacific