• June 18, 2009

    to do 1 – buy white board and ikea beach mats

    i’m back from another stag over the weekend, hopefully it’ll be my 2nd last stag in vegas (damn it eric), vegas is just too crazy for me, it gets crazier everytime

    so now, it’s time to follow up on my prep-for-next-step-in-life plan, which is buy my own place, i feel like i’m a bit behind but there’s no rush for me to get myself into a life debt, so ya for realz, no more pushing it off, and i think, in order for me to keep it up, i must get a white board, and i’m going to put/update my progress, every month, so it’ll be in my face whenever i’m in my room, playing mass effect, peggle, and starcraft 2, and of course i’ll need some beach mats so i can go to the beach, and relax, the ikea mats is so awesome, and you can roll it up and has a strap to carry, i hope they still have it, it’s PART OF THE PLAN

    but there’s always surprises, like we got this guy Rich at my work for a few days, and he’s like the creative director and he’s going to be my mentor or something like it cause he’s just super crazy at design, too crazy, and then my boss said i should get laser eye surgery with him and his gf, which is one of those things i will do in my life (along with going across canada, own a mini/bmw 3 series coupe, learn to surf like a pro), so i’m going to call for a consultation so maybe i can jump on the discount train, with the “best doctor in the world” so matt says, but still set me back from 3 to 5k…, but 3k for a set of perfect pretty eyes will be TEH BEST investment in life ever

    for some reason, i put this in the draft and it never went out (it’s not even finished yet), so it says last week but really it’s like 1 month+ ago lol, anyway here it is

    I went to my first hockey playoff game last week – game 1 of canucks vs hawks (good thing it wasn’t game 2), i found some tix on ticketmaster thanks to my boss and spontaneous put out 4 bills for 2 balcony seats lol, I’m a canucks fan but really, i don’t think i’m into hockey that much, heck i don’t even know which player has which number on our team, but i enjoy going to the game, and being there live with the crazy atmosphere, watching the nucks pwn the other team (most of the time) yadda yadda yadda that’s where i’ll end it

  • June 1, 2009

    summer time now

    time it took to go home last weds: 57:22.5

    time it took to go to amrik’s house today: 55:22.6

    for some reason, when i biked to amrik’s place, and i call him, and you’d think he just haves to come down elevator and get me, but no i always have to wait 5 to 10 min, hmm…

    this weekend i got my wii back, and i’m so happy that i found my mario kart too, and then kingsburger expansion is coming out soon, gotta go to bucks! this week it is going to be 25+ deg, i think when i buy a place, i need to get one beside the beach, cause all i want to do is go lie on the beach after work, and bbq for dinner, i want weber q220 ;/

    i havn’t wrote much about lunch, although i have been eating out about once a week, let’s see, the best pick of the last 2 or 3 weeks has to be falafel maison on robson and richards, man that place makes good sharwarma, packed with chicken, and nice size – for me, everyone else was super full though, all for 6.04 (and most of the time he wont even take ur 4 cents), go early or go late, it has big line ups. I also tried salsa & agave mexican food on pacific, they’re pretty authentic, but also expensive, I had these rolled tacos trio (chicken/beef/potato) for like 8.50 and… i don’t think it’s worth it, maybe get the 4 tacos for 8 instead, but still, they’re kinda small

    the best deal so far though, had to be the $1.99 mcchicken sandwich, i had 2 for 4 bux, nothing can beat that