• August 16, 2013


    Me and Lil_lam have been going on hikes around the city – up SFU, Lynn Canyon, Deep Cove, and maybe another spot I forgot. I quite enjoy it, I prefer the more intermediate ones instead of walking on a trail, and our goal is to hike the chief at some point. After that there are still crazy ice caves hike and multi day hikes! Yay for living in beautiful British Columbia =)

  • September 9, 2011

    Road Trip Edmonton

    **Ugh updated my x10 to gingerbread totally wiped my phone out and I lost half of the post on draft (since most of the time I blog through my phone now), ill just have to rewrite a condensed version on this new crappier keyboard.

    From Vancouver to Salmon Arm, quick stop at lake Louise, up to jasper through Icefield Parkway, then straight into Edmonton, total ~1400 km, 5 + 11.5 hours (spent a night in Salmon Arm on Friday, 450 km drive after work wasn’t bad at all).

    Coming back on hwy 16, straight through jasper to kamloops, then all the way in hwy 1 to home, another ~1200 km, 13 hours.

    Squashed a million bugs on my car, unlocked the 150k mileage achievement/trophy, and that the summary of me and Greg’s road trip adventure to visit Phil last week.


    We took almost 2 completely different route going there and coming back.

    Next time, bring a tent to camp.

    Don’t forget to wash car when you arrive at the destination or else they’ll become part of your car.

    There’s a million A&W through out interior of BC it seems.

    I think I’d love working at a game company if they treat you nicely like Bioware – Phil gave us a tour of the office and I was like a little kid in candy land, and apparently it was nothing compared to the Montreal studio…

    Always gas up when you only have half tank on the Coquihala – we almost ran out of gas driving to Merrit lol, somehow just under half tank of gas was barely enough to drive 140 km, I ended up driving on E for about 10th min at 90km/h, I had 4.5 litres of gas left hen I got to the gas station.

    Icefield Parkway is one of the best drives EVER, even though it costed us $20. The scenery was so beautiful, the super blue lakes, the glacial (that’s slowly disappearing), the rare wild live sightings, even the forest and the rocks, so awesome. I love BC.

    Alberta gas is the best – 1.10 per litre, and get gas at small towns like Hinton or Edson, it’s like 10 cents cheaper.

    Shopping/going out in Alberta is also pretty awesome, even though I didn’t buy anything (except for a souvenir mug from Starbucks before we left) because of their super low tax, I mean, we ate like $50 and tax was only $2.50!

    There’s a lot of bugs in Alberta…

    JD + ginger ale is tasty.

    It seems like I’m pretty good at Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.