• September 21, 2009

    bbq one more time

    i finally bought my bbq, and i bbq’ed for the first time, on the last day of summer (i think?)

    i waited for a deal through the whole summer but of course deals only come before and after season ended, i missed out on the $150 – 180 weber grill at sears way back, and then i just… never bought one again, til now, yay for rona’s one day sale, i was able to go at 730am to pick up a broil king for under 200 (50% off)

    Broil King

    Broil King

    and i wasnt even the first person to get it, cause we all love bbq – it barely fit into my car (which i didn’t even think about til i was there lol), got a propane tank from my parents cause they had an extra, bonus save yay! then last night bran and mari came over, and we had some corn, nice giant steaks, and a rack of port back ribs, sooooo good

    broil king grill

    broil king grill

    superstore actually sold out of mushrooms, wth, the only other veggie alternative i was thinking was green pepper, then i thought wth was i thinking, green pepper?

    now i’m going to bbq every month, even if it snows, i heart bbq

    oh we also watched reservoir dogs, did mr pink die?

  • May 27, 2009

    bike to work 09 #2

    • time it takes to get to amrik’s place: 55:58.7 (17.3km approx from google map)
    • number of caterpillar crushed: 0 (sooo close)
    • number of shortcuts found: 1
    • number of spiders found in amrik’s pool shower: 1

    you don’t realize how much easier it seems to ride to work when you know what route to go/expect, but we’ll see what happens when i ride home ;/ i saw crazy cool water spraying into the river when crossing cambie bridge (amrik said it was fire hydrant testing)

    and totally diff topic, i want to buy a bbq, NOW, home depot give me good deals pls