• May 4, 2009

    go canucks go

    a little late on the posting but, I went to my first hockey playoff game last week – game 1 of canucks vs blackhawks (good thing it wasn’t game 2), i found some tix on ticketmaster thanks to my boss and spontaneously put out 4 bills for 2 balcony seats lol, I’m a canucks fan but really, i don’t think i’m into hockey that much, heck i don’t even know which player has which number on our team, but i enjoy going to the game, and being there live with the crazy atmosphere, watching the nucks pwn the other team (most of the time), maybe that’s also why i spent all my money on concert tix too

    canucks vs blackhawks

    but that still doesn’t mean i think those tix are freakin ridiculously expensive

    almost forgot a few other things, few weeks ago i made the another cheesecake, cause i had a bar of cream cheese left that i had to use (and then i spent like $20+ of ingredients to make the cake, make so much sense right), but it’s ok, because it was teh BEST cheesecake i ever made, go stand mixer


    slice of cheesecake

    you know why it’s the best, cause it had NO CRACK, i finally did it, somehow, i don’t care it’s the prettiest one i ever made

    i also went to the britney spears concert (pics on flickr), but ya, everyone probably heard enough on the news/radio about how the concert went, the 30 min break was nice from all the over excitement probably