• October 14, 2012

    Perth – Most Expensive Place on Earth

    Well I don’t know how true that is, but it’s damn expensive here, like Stockholm expensive, now I know why my friends in UK were saying London’s cheap.

    This is my first time in Australia, here to visit a client in Fremantle, right on by the water about 30 min from city of Perth. After a week in Singapore, the weather here is definitely more of my style. Though strangely, in this 10 days, I have experienced both winter and summer weather – windy and rainy down to 5 deg low (one of the worst days of winter apparently), and then high of 34 deg where my face got a bit of sunburn at the Cottesloe beach. Freo was a nice small isn town, it felt like I was staying in Steveston/White Rock but more happening. But yeah, the first thing I noticed was, how expensive everything was. First dinner, me and Bill went to a pub for a burger and a drink (craving for western food after a week in Singapore lol), it came up to maybe 80 dollars?? And coffee and muffin in the morning was about $8 – 10. (more…)