• November 3, 2009

    server moving

    agroove / coconutjelly / kaicing sites mega move so much work, how come amrik isn’t doing this for me

    i lost some pics i’ll have to go find them

    and coconutjelly is MIA

    and i still don’t have borderlames

    and i got owned on rogers trade deal stupid quantum of solace

    but atleast i’m almost done getting platinum trophy for uncharted 2, my first plat!

  • June 1, 2009

    summer time now

    time it took to go home last weds: 57:22.5

    time it took to go to amrik’s house today: 55:22.6

    for some reason, when i biked to amrik’s place, and i call him, and you’d think he just haves to come down elevator and get me, but no i always have to wait 5 to 10 min, hmm…

    this weekend i got my wii back, and i’m so happy that i found my mario kart too, and then kingsburger expansion is coming out soon, gotta go to bucks! this week it is going to be 25+ deg, i think when i buy a place, i need to get one beside the beach, cause all i want to do is go lie on the beach after work, and bbq for dinner, i want weber q220 ;/

    i havn’t wrote much about lunch, although i have been eating out about once a week, let’s see, the best pick of the last 2 or 3 weeks has to be falafel maison on robson and richards, man that place makes good sharwarma, packed with chicken, and nice size – for me, everyone else was super full though, all for 6.04 (and most of the time he wont even take ur 4 cents), go early or go late, it has big line ups. I also tried salsa & agave mexican food on pacific, they’re pretty authentic, but also expensive, I had these rolled tacos trio (chicken/beef/potato) for like 8.50 and… i don’t think it’s worth it, maybe get the 4 tacos for 8 instead, but still, they’re kinda small

    the best deal so far though, had to be the $1.99 mcchicken sandwich, i had 2 for 4 bux, nothing can beat that

  • May 27, 2009

    bike to work 09 #2

    • time it takes to get to amrik’s place: 55:58.7 (17.3km approx from google map)
    • number of caterpillar crushed: 0 (sooo close)
    • number of shortcuts found: 1
    • number of spiders found in amrik’s pool shower: 1

    you don’t realize how much easier it seems to ride to work when you know what route to go/expect, but we’ll see what happens when i ride home ;/ i saw crazy cool water spraying into the river when crossing cambie bridge (amrik said it was fire hydrant testing)

    and totally diff topic, i want to buy a bbq, NOW, home depot give me good deals pls

  • May 20, 2009

    my butt hurts

    i finally biked to work today, first trip of the year, i didn’t have a stop watch, but i’m guessing it took about an hr or so (7:05 – 8:07?), yay for amrik letting me into the pool and use shower even though i was a bit late, and getting onto cambie bridge is confusing, and heather st has super hills, i dont know how i’m going to go home

    and then when i got here, while i was locking up my bike, these guys came beside me and one guy said, “wtf someone just stole my front tire”, hmm…

    i’m totally going out for lunch today, i think i want to try that mexican food place on pacific