• January 17, 2013

    Lovely Windows 8

    (this was also about a month ago, now I don’t even turn my computer lol)

    I recently had to install windows 8 on my computer, and I must tell you it was quite an experience. I called it bizarro windows. I didn’t know how to do anything, ESC didn’t work, alt+f4 didn’t work, right click everything saved the day, and if Will never showed me in his tablet that when you move mouse to the left/right it brings up additional menu, it would’ve been a lot worse. For examples:

    • It took me probably 10 min to figure out how to shut down computer
    • I couldn’t “close” any programs – esc doesn’t let me out, alt f4 doesn’t close, I could only tab out.
    • I don’t know how to open My Computers for a while.
    • My network adapter didn’t work with windows because there was no driver (since I guess it was too old, it was finally time to upgrade my wireless G adapter).

    Without internet I couldn’t really do anything because windows wasn’t activated – no changing settings no customizing. The only thing I thought of to try was watch a video. Windows media player opens in the “library” view, and when you press home while you play a video, it takes you to the Xbox-live-like dashboard, and then I wasn’t too sure how to get to my library again #confused. The best part was, I didn’t even know how to change volume in windows media player.

    Few days later…

    After buying a new adapter at ncix broadway – the sales guy was a total jerk – “hey do you know if this adapter works with windows 8?” “Ha! Nope” “oh.. Do you know which one does for sure?” “None” “uh… So if it doesn’t work then what…” “I guess you have to bring it back and pay the restocking fee” Ok, how about i just shove this in your face? Anyway, it worked out, and I did major updates, and I updated my video card driver, restarted again, then I got what I call “The flickering black screen of death with visible mouse cursor” (not an uncommon problem it seems)

    To fix that, I had to start in safe mode, reset everything, and never update to the latest video card driver ever again.

    However, after going through all that, if you just sit down and use the system, you might just like it after a while, cause I do #dontaskmewhy.

  • August 2, 2012

    London 2012 – read #11

    It’s been a long while since I posted a reading post, lots has happened, saw many things, flew too many times haha. Right now, just enjoy the olympics! Once in a life time! … which was exactly what I said 2 years ago at the Vancouver winter Olympics haha, time goes by so fast, never would’ve guessed that I’d be where I am now, maybe this’ll be a new trend, Sochi next, then on to Brazil!

    Anyway, I got to go see beach volleyball and badminton yesterday. Despite people’s perception of watching beach vball, I personally really like the sport. Beach, sand, bring some beer, play some ball, sooo awesome… I really miss playing beach vball rec league back at Navarik ;/ Also watching badminton really made me miss playing too, so when I go back I’m definitely gonna play some. Was lucky enough last night to watch Canada and Taiwan played, the Canada team player names were Bruce / Li! You can’t lose with a name combo like that! So of course we won, vs Australia too ;p On the other hand, team Taiwan had to play team China lol, and lost big time. The saddest moment though, was when the Japan player Sato hurt her leg, and she had to leave the game. She tried to play on for a few more shots but she was just hopping around the court, and gave up in the end… these athletes are really something. She walked off crying, it must’ve been so devastating, so brutal, 4 years of training, ended… =(

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  • April 30, 2012

    Where should I go next? read #10

    Too many cities to see.

    Yay regular poop.

    #uklife #haikustyle

    That almost sounds completely random, but it will be explained on my posts for Morocco, I think it will be an epic post trilogy. Meanwhile, here’s a huge backlog of the readings.

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  • April 3, 2012

    the no broadband challenge – read #9

    It sux balls.

    I was going to write about the whole process of me signing up internet, but it annoyed me so much I just gave up half way. Basically my flat doesn’t exist, and I can’t sign up a new service because the current address already has a service (which I’m assuming is upstairs). The solution was so simple – manually write in a new address! Don’t use the “look-up-address-by-postal-code” form they provide you. It only costed me almost all my credit on my phone, and hours with customer support between BT and Sky. GG.

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    and for a bonus fun, Hipster Branding

  • March 14, 2012

    2 month London timeline – read #8

    Arrived in London, UK, on Jan 15th. Headed up to Middlesbrough for a few days, 1 day in Immingham. Back to London and stayed in Holiday Inn, Gloucester Road for a week+, moved to Wyndham Chelsea Harbor for a night. Moved to 2 different flats in Marylebone for about a week. Went back up to Middlesbrough for a night, then Hull for another night, landed back in Hoxton for a month and half. 3 more days I’ll have a home home in Clapham North.

    It’ll be a nice gift to myself.

    Posts about all my travels are coming next! As usual, the readings,

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  • February 15, 2012

    missing out! – read #7

    it seems like, everytime i decided to look for something to do, it will just had happened over the last weekend, last week, etc. I sat at home playing Terraria all day when they had the biggest Chinese New Years celebration at Trafalgar Square, I missed Fish Leung’s UK concert by 2 days, and now I just found out that Music Bank Kpop Festival was last weekend in Paris!!! SNSD! T-ARA!! Kill me now #FML

    as usual, a list of articles I went through as I try to keep up with this mad world, my favorite is definitely the dungeon and dragons article, quote the author,

    This is also true in the real world. It’s totally possible to do both design and development, and in the early stages one will actually aid the other. But as you undertake one project after another you’ll find that it’ll take you longer to become an expert in either. So it’s great if you’re an all rounder in a team of all rounders, but becomes difficult to carve out a meaningful niche amongst a group of experts.

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  • January 31, 2012

    Jan 2012s readings – read #6

    Man, i really really REALLY want to redesign my blog, i drew up a design like half a year ago, and… it still looks as is, I’ve been trying to read up on this “Responsive Design” thing, it seems to be where it’s at, and really, it just makes sense. Oh and those negative logos, are sick.

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