• October 23, 2009

    let's all play borderlands cause it's worth so much

    Dear Yu-Lun:

    Thank you for shopping at futureshop.ca. We have received your order, and it will be processed as soon as possible.

    This order contains
    Order date: 20 Oct 2009, 10:55:36

    Item name        Quantity        Price
    Borderlands (XBOX 360)        1        $39.96

    10 min later

    Dear Yu-Lun:

    The item(s) you ordered on Order 54xxxxxx are not available for pickup at the Lansdowne store.

    You can re-order your item(s) at futureshop.ca – choose another store for pickup or have the item(s) shipped to you.

    1 day later

    Dear Yu-Lun:

    Thank you for shopping at futureshop.ca. We have received your order, and it will be processed as soon as possible.

    This order contains
    Order date: 21 Oct 2009, 08:39:12

    Item name        Quantity        Price
    Borderlands (XBOX 360)        2        $139.98

    10 min later

    Dear Yu-Lun:

    The item(s) you ordered on Order 54xxxxxx are not available for pickup at the Robson & Granville store.

    You can re-order your item(s) at futureshop.ca – choose another store for pickup or have the item(s) shipped to you.

    1 day later

    (at queensborough best buy) “do you guys have any copies of borderlands?” “is that the game everyone’s been calling for? we’re completely sold out… (checks stocks) there’s no stock in all the best buy, but got some in transit” “i heard people getting rainchecks for the game, can i get a raincheck?” “i’m not sure i’ll have to ask another person”

    (sales assoc #2) “oooh maybe … but i can only give it to you for the current price” “… but… what if you can price match walmart” “hmm actually that might work … just go line up at customer service and see if they can do it for you”

    20 min in line up later

    “can i help you with something?” “ya i like to get a rain check on this, [sale assoc #2] said there’s no stock but it’s coming … so you guys might be able to do one for me” “ok… let me check the system”

    2 min later

    “we usually don’t do this but there’s too many people in line up so i’m just gonna do it for you, here’s your raincheck for borderlands for 360 [for $37]”

    *EDIT oct 27*

    i called bb and they got a shipment in last night, BUT they didn’t have any for me, and said you’ll have a wait a few more days, FAIL

    best buy +0, futureshop -2

  • October 19, 2009

    less than 4 months

    can’t figure out how to do the comments properly i’ll have to take a bit more time to look/clean it up, add add my side bar back, but i’m so lazy ;/

    that is, if i decided to work on the site at all lol, i’ve been playing lots beating almost all the games i want to beat before i get my hands on uncharted 2 (the only one left unfinished is professor layton and the diabolical box something), i even started to play zelda twilight princess on wii (again) cause i beat most of the ones i wanted to finish – naruto ultimate ninja storm, final fantasy crisis core, shadow complex

    i went to a van 2010 volunteer get together thing on fri, i didn’t know ANYONE except 1 person, so that was pretty… adequate, i think i left in about 30 min, then i went to my olympic volunteer session on sat, saw a few of ppl from the world cup and that made up for it, the same group sorta getting back together, found out what the olympic uniform looks like, look pretty sweet


    2010 is gonna be soooo awesome, except for the transit crap, because i can only take the bus up to cypress from capilano college or lonsdale quay (45 min?), which means i’ll have to bus skytrain from richmond to waterfront (25-35 min?), take seabus (?? min), then take bus up mountain, THEN walk from bus stop on mtn to village/volunteer tent (15 – 30 min?), it’s gonna take like 2.5 hrs EACH WAY, gg

    yesterday went to wings #2 at wings daves where everybody get together, yay dave for hosting, he’s home alone for a month, board game marathon time! but ya, wings night is basically errbody bring a flavor, and deep fry/bake 200+ wings, there were salt&pepper/hot/lemon pepper/honey something/soy sauce/sweet thai/terriyaki, AND some random flavors like lemon honey/orange ginger, and my lemon pepper garlic aka albino wings, which sucked, cause i baked it, but then i deep fried it after, and turned awesome, i call it the double cooked blackened albino wings, something like that, doesn’t matter, it turned awesome at the end, but ian didn’t take his big bertha wing back, what a jerk

    i think that was the first time i had a wings night w/o beer

    and romo has a fart button on his side, when you poke it’ll go *fart*

  • October 14, 2009


    actually the truth is i can’t come up with a fancy design (or any design) now, my design/inspiration has gone waaay down in the past 2-3 years, and it is only slowly coming back (i think), so this is the best i could do so far, i think i’ve been wanting to, and trying to come up with a new look – by the way this is version 12 of agroove – for over a year, and now i finally got around to it, and it’s probably the most basic layout i’ve ever done,  just black and white for now, that’s all there is to it

    there’s a few things i have to do now after this has been accomplished:

    1. finish/clean up design, add a color scheme, and get the widgets back in
    2. take a drawing class
    3. make a photo blog design (for the dslr in near future)
    4. beat shadow complex and get uncharted 2

    i’m looking fwd to the last one the most lol, i’ve now moved my 360 into my own room and hooked it up to my comp/monitor, good thing my lcd takes in component input (yay for ultrasharp), sound goes to the line in of my comp, with my speakers and sub i probably get a better sound out of this than playing in the living room, the only thing that crappy is that last night i was playing, my comp went to sleep after being inactive for x amount of time, and i lost my net connection and dc’d from odst with dee and will ;/

    atleast the xbox will become a mini heater while i play in my room

    last random thought, hot pot season has started!

  • September 30, 2009

    i can see your halo odst

    over the weekend i made a trip down to see willius for the first time, with gf, eric and his gf, before we left since we were in richmond we decided to eat something quick, “oh lets go to a hk style cafe” “ok, there’s this place i always wanted to try”, which is called excelsior restaurant, and in chinese it says ?????, it’s always packed so i thought it’d be good, and it probably is, if we ordered some fancy seafood, every table was eating deep friend crabs, and we ordered, bake pork chop on rice and beef veggie stir fry, and it took 50 MIN to get the food, gg

    so we didn’t leave richmond til like 9 or something, waited 5 min at boarder, then just boost it down to kirkland, good thing it only takes about 1.5 hrs

    staying at wills = stay up til 5am and watch tuts my barreh, eat water dessert, it was pretty much just eating, shopping, board gaming, giant pancake breakfast, randomly found Mediterranean Kitchen that serves supersized super awesome garlic flavored everything restaurant, uber garlic wings soooo good, then we raided the microsoft building, they get free drinks in the cafe! with their own MS cups and bowls, and knives and forks that’s made out of potatoes! that’s crazy talk! then over night it’s all about cosmic encounter, where i team-won the game with will, and racquelle, even though she was super mean to me

    we went to alderwood and premium outlet, the girls shopped like crazy, eric shopped a little crazy, AND I, for the first time, shopped NOTHING, the closest thing i came close to buy, was a freakin cheese grater at the outlet, cause we all need one of those at home, and i dont have one

    turned out to be a pretty sweet weekend, not to mention, the whole point originally to go down to visit was to get 4 copies of halo odst, now i just have to worry about getting rid of my kanye/lady gaga tickets

  • September 21, 2009

    bbq one more time

    i finally bought my bbq, and i bbq’ed for the first time, on the last day of summer (i think?)

    i waited for a deal through the whole summer but of course deals only come before and after season ended, i missed out on the $150 – 180 weber grill at sears way back, and then i just… never bought one again, til now, yay for rona’s one day sale, i was able to go at 730am to pick up a broil king for under 200 (50% off)

    Broil King

    Broil King

    and i wasnt even the first person to get it, cause we all love bbq – it barely fit into my car (which i didn’t even think about til i was there lol), got a propane tank from my parents cause they had an extra, bonus save yay! then last night bran and mari came over, and we had some corn, nice giant steaks, and a rack of port back ribs, sooooo good

    broil king grill

    broil king grill

    superstore actually sold out of mushrooms, wth, the only other veggie alternative i was thinking was green pepper, then i thought wth was i thinking, green pepper?

    now i’m going to bbq every month, even if it snows, i heart bbq

    oh we also watched reservoir dogs, did mr pink die?

  • September 10, 2009

    stupid twitter

    how could i be so blind, and not realized why i stopped bloggin til this moment, that all the stupid random things i want to talk about, like i got liquid nitrogen on my finger, or i worked almost 12 hrs for the first time, or i played boardgame til 4am (not the first time) then slept til 230pm last weekend for the first time too, that i’d usually blog about, has already been twitted

    it’s turned into twigroove, but not on agroove


  • July 15, 2009

    mini! mini? mini…

    time bike to work: 56:55.2

    last week bike to work: 1:00:02.x something?

    number of detours today: 2

    number of thumbs up i got: 1!

    buy a car that i always want? then i’ll have no money

    keep saving and then buy a place in year? then i’ll have less then no money, and i’ll won’t be able to buy another car for who knows how long

    there’s always the motorcycle option, but it only works for 1 person, and summer

    that is the question that’s been in my head for the last week, and will be for the next month or 2

    i need to somehow live like a bum again, so i dont spend any money, it’s so hard cause i have a shopping problem (“a good deal is money saved“, which is totally not true hahah), but first i’m going to put 5 or 6 dollars on lottery today, because i won’t have to think/worry with 32 (or 22?) million