• September 3, 2013

    Make it rain – read #15

    It’s near end of September, 75% of the year is gone, I have managed to save… $2000? What have I been doing with my money? I don’t know, I’m the worst at money management. How did I used to pay £800 plus fees for rent on my own in UK and still travels? I want to be on a mortgage lol, the way I live is based how much I can spend, and I rather have my money go into something that’ll be useful in my life for the next 10 years

    There’s not many reads on this post, cause… I haven’t read much haha, but the dribbble article is quite good, I especially like this part:

    I see designer after designer focus on the fourth layer without really considering the others. Working from the bottom up rather than the top down. The grid, font, colour, and aesthetic style are irrelevant if the other three layers haven’t been resolved first. Many designers say they do this, but don’t walk the walk, because sometimes it’s just more fun to draw nice pictures and bury oneself in pixels than deal with complicated business decisions and people with different opinions. That’s fine, stay in the fourth layer, but that’s art not design. You’re a digital artist, not a designer.


    Original And Innovative Web Layouts


    Flat And Thin Are In




  • August 16, 2013


    Me and Lil_lam have been going on hikes around the city – up SFU, Lynn Canyon, Deep Cove, and maybe another spot I forgot. I quite enjoy it, I prefer the more intermediate ones instead of walking on a trail, and our goal is to hike the chief at some point. After that there are still crazy ice caves hike and multi day hikes! Yay for living in beautiful British Columbia =)

  • August 15, 2013

    All about the chicken (reboot the blog time) – read #15

    Look at this blog, I haven’t posted a thing in 6 months! I didn’t even write about my work trip to China and Shanghai! What happened >.< I would say, I got video games back happened, and I got an insane list of games to catch up on so my daily weekday schedule on my own is now work, 10 minute exercise (some is better than none?), dinner, games rest of the night.

    I started to do this diet thing with Eric, my own purpose was to lose some weight before I go on the cruise, so I’ve been trying to follow his routine, in about 60% capacity. He exercised hardcore for 20 min, I do mediocre intensity for 10 min. He eats 1 cheat meal a week, I eat 2.5 a week lol. I’ve been eating baked chicken breast for about 90% of my lunch and dinner, and if I don’t find something else soon, this stuff is gonna old. Anyway, I’m going to try to stick with this, I’m even logging meal details (also at 60% accuracy… well maybe 80) in a fitness app! Serious shit yo. You know what though, at the end of the day, I’m still eating way better and less than what I normally would, so that should help.

    I’m not going to finish my previous couple of posts. I will, still post all the reads I did half year ago lol, I should get back into that too…

    The UX Thinking Behind Mailbox’s 800,000-Person Waiting List

    Copying Others Is Not The Answer

    Web Design: How do creatives choose beautiful imagery for websites?

    What’s The Secret To Great Infographics?

    Form(s) vs Function: Making Official Docs Look Better–And Work Harder

    The Flat Design Era

    CSS Architecture

    The importance of sketching in product design

    Thirteen Tenets Of User Experience

  • February 26, 2013

    London vs Vancouver – read #14

    Feel like I should post stuff again, and read more stuff too, I’ve been pretty lazy on reading articles ever since I got an iphone. Always gaming instead of reading tsk tsk. Anyway, instead of keeping all these draft posts, here’s my last one, from when I came back home from London. Oh and this cover image needs to be in color to show off our beautiful Vancouver ;p


    It almost felt like now that I’m home, there’s no more weekend travelling, and so there’s no need to blog ;p it’s the life of Vancouver, chill out, stay home, play games, snowboard, eat Japanese food, drink mega mugs.

    The life of busy sardine packing style but convenient commute on the tube has been replaced by long commute on the tiny skytrain or drive in traffic hours.

    The life of drinks after work BEFORE dinner is now go home, eat, and beat the 8 video games lined up from all the no gaming last year.

    The life of where we going this weekend and catching 430am bus for 630am flight is now… I guess snowboarding, the only thing I really wake up for.

    The life of being a bum because everything in pounds is too baller is now buy EVERYTHING – anime figures, games, snowboards, shoes, lego, apps, board games, a mattress.


    When Pixels Dominate Design, Your Hardware Is The Brand

    Design Mistakes We Made in Our iPhone App

    Why Won’t Helvetica Go Away?

    Comcast Takes NBC Peacock Hostage

    10 Moleskine Journals From Some Of The Most Interesting Creatives Alive

    Using White Space For Readability In HTML And CSS

  • January 22, 2013

    Nuremberg – the Ultimate Christmas market

    (This has been sitting in draft for too long, not even gonna bother to proof read)

    Finally got around to go through some of my pics in Germany. From what I remembered, it was a giant Xmas markets, went on for blocks and blocks and blocks. We ate heaps of sausages with bread (straight up sausage and just mustard is soooo tasty), and drank a lot of glühwine. Day trip to Munich was quite nice but too short, at least the train ticket was cheap. There wasn’t much else to do, we even went shopping for a bit, I bought all my Starbucks mugs, but couldn’t find the damn “hot dog sauce”. Don’t forget all groceries close on Sunday, and they have super nice subway system.

    Would I go back?

    Germany in general? Yeah, I mean, mega mug is like their regular beer! Nuremburg? … maybe it’s a day trip thing ;p

  • January 17, 2013

    Lovely Windows 8

    (this was also about a month ago, now I don’t even turn my computer lol)

    I recently had to install windows 8 on my computer, and I must tell you it was quite an experience. I called it bizarro windows. I didn’t know how to do anything, ESC didn’t work, alt+f4 didn’t work, right click everything saved the day, and if Will never showed me in his tablet that when you move mouse to the left/right it brings up additional menu, it would’ve been a lot worse. For examples:

    • It took me probably 10 min to figure out how to shut down computer
    • I couldn’t “close” any programs – esc doesn’t let me out, alt f4 doesn’t close, I could only tab out.
    • I don’t know how to open My Computers for a while.
    • My network adapter didn’t work with windows because there was no driver (since I guess it was too old, it was finally time to upgrade my wireless G adapter).

    Without internet I couldn’t really do anything because windows wasn’t activated – no changing settings no customizing. The only thing I thought of to try was watch a video. Windows media player opens in the “library” view, and when you press home while you play a video, it takes you to the Xbox-live-like dashboard, and then I wasn’t too sure how to get to my library again #confused. The best part was, I didn’t even know how to change volume in windows media player.

    Few days later…

    After buying a new adapter at ncix broadway – the sales guy was a total jerk – “hey do you know if this adapter works with windows 8?” “Ha! Nope” “oh.. Do you know which one does for sure?” “None” “uh… So if it doesn’t work then what…” “I guess you have to bring it back and pay the restocking fee” Ok, how about i just shove this in your face? Anyway, it worked out, and I did major updates, and I updated my video card driver, restarted again, then I got what I call “The flickering black screen of death with visible mouse cursor” (not an uncommon problem it seems)

    To fix that, I had to start in safe mode, reset everything, and never update to the latest video card driver ever again.

    However, after going through all that, if you just sit down and use the system, you might just like it after a while, cause I do #dontaskmewhy.

  • December 11, 2012

    More Desert! – Istanbul, Cappadocia

    One day Istanbul

    It took about 8 hours with time difference to go to Istanbul from London… We flew Easyjet from Luton – 3.5-4 hour flight, 2 hour time difference, 1.5 hrs bus from Sabiha airport to Taksim square (traffic was nuts in town), another 30 min walk through the high street to get to our Airbnb place. It was a bit ridiculous even though we flew the first flight in the morning, half day was already gone. (more…)

  • December 5, 2012

    the final countdown – read #13

    Well, maybe not FINAL, but season 2 definitely coming to an end. So little time left, I hope everything I ordered from amazon uk will arrive before I leave, in the mean time:

    • eat as much food as possible in my flat so I don’t waste so much
    • get rid of as much items in my room before I donate them all – who wants my table / stool / lamp / shampoo / hangers / spare bath towel / 2 cans of pasta sauce
    • eat the damn short rib sandwich at hawksmoor pub
    • ice skate at somerset house
    • go to portobello market