September 3, 2013

Make it rain – read #15

It’s near end of September, 75% of the year is gone, I have managed to save… $2000? What have I been doing with my money? I don’t know, I’m the worst at money management. How did I used to pay £800 plus fees for rent on my own in UK and still travels? I want to be on a mortgage lol, the way I live is based how much I can spend, and I rather have my money go into something that’ll be useful in my life for the next 10 years

There’s not many reads on this post, cause… I haven’t read much haha, but the dribbble article is quite good, I especially like this part:

I see designer after designer focus on the fourth layer without really considering the others. Working from the bottom up rather than the top down. The grid, font, colour, and aesthetic style are irrelevant if the other three layers haven’t been resolved first. Many designers say they do this, but don’t walk the walk, because sometimes it’s just more fun to draw nice pictures and bury oneself in pixels than deal with complicated business decisions and people with different opinions. That’s fine, stay in the fourth layer, but that’s art not design. You’re a digital artist, not a designer.

Original And Innovative Web Layouts

Flat And Thin Are In



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