February 26, 2013

London vs Vancouver – read #14

Feel like I should post stuff again, and read more stuff too, I’ve been pretty lazy on reading articles ever since I got an iphone. Always gaming instead of reading tsk tsk. Anyway, instead of keeping all these draft posts, here’s my last one, from when I came back home from London. Oh and this cover image needs to be in color to show off our beautiful Vancouver ;p


It almost felt like now that I’m home, there’s no more weekend travelling, and so there’s no need to blog ;p it’s the life of Vancouver, chill out, stay home, play games, snowboard, eat Japanese food, drink mega mugs.

The life of busy sardine packing style but convenient commute on the tube has been replaced by long commute on the tiny skytrain or drive in traffic hours.

The life of drinks after work BEFORE dinner is now go home, eat, and beat the 8 video games lined up from all the no gaming last year.

The life of where we going this weekend and catching 430am bus for 630am flight is now… I guess snowboarding, the only thing I really wake up for.

The life of being a bum because everything in pounds is too baller is now buy EVERYTHING – anime figures, games, snowboards, shoes, lego, apps, board games, a mattress.


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