January 22, 2013

Nuremberg – the Ultimate Christmas market

(This has been sitting in draft for too long, not even gonna bother to proof read)

Finally got around to go through some of my pics in Germany. From what I remembered, it was a giant Xmas markets, went on for blocks and blocks and blocks. We ate heaps of sausages with bread (straight up sausage and just mustard is soooo tasty), and drank a lot of gl├╝hwine. Day trip to Munich was quite nice but too short, at least the train ticket was cheap. There wasn’t much else to do, we even went shopping for a bit, I bought all my Starbucks mugs, but couldn’t find the damn “hot dog sauce”. Don’t forget all groceries close on Sunday, and they have super nice subway system.

Would I go back?

Germany in general? Yeah, I mean, mega mug is like their regular beer! Nuremburg? … maybe it’s a day trip thing ;p

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