December 5, 2012

the final countdown – read #13

Well, maybe not FINAL, but season 2 definitely coming to an end. So little time left, I hope everything I ordered from amazon uk will arrive before I leave, in the mean time:

  • eat as much food as possible in my flat so I don’t waste so much
  • get rid of as much items in my room before I donate them all – who wants my table / stool / lamp / shampoo / hangers / spare bath towel / 2 cans of pasta sauce
  • eat the damn short rib sandwich at hawksmoor pub
  • ice skate at somerset house
  • go to portobello market

then donate some clothes, throw my Converse away (I definitely used them to the max, sole ripped, holes on the side, been through sand and mud, good times), and pack everything else.

Someone find me the damn Yui Takamura figurine (girl on the right, from Muv Luv Alternative) since Kotobukiya never fulfilled my order =(

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