October 14, 2012

Perth – Most Expensive Place on Earth

Well I don’t know how true that is, but it’s damn expensive here, like Stockholm expensive, now I know why my friends in UK were saying London’s cheap.

This is my first time in Australia, here to visit a client in Fremantle, right on by the water about 30 min from city of Perth. After a week in Singapore, the weather here is definitely more of my style. Though strangely, in this 10 days, I have experienced both winter and summer weather – windy and rainy down to 5 deg low (one of the worst days of winter apparently), and then high of 34 deg where my face got a bit of sunburn at the Cottesloe beach. Freo was a nice small isn town, it felt like I was staying in Steveston/White Rock but more happening. But yeah, the first thing I noticed was, how expensive everything was. First dinner, me and Bill went to a pub for a burger and a drink (craving for western food after a week in Singapore lol), it came up to maybe 80 dollars?? And coffee and muffin in the morning was about $8 – 10.

We stayed in this fancy hotel in Freo, and I somehow ended up with a “deluxe spa suite”, which came with a massive bathtub that I could drown in. I wish I’d taken more bath lol, but since Linda always mentioned that there’s drought and water restriction I felt a bit wasteful filling up the giant tub up. (So, I only used it twice ;p). To make this place extra fancy, they charge $28/day for internet, and $50 for dinner buffet haha, which in a way was good because it forced me to go out and find food to eat. Hungry Jack was good spot to be (the Australian name for Burger King).

I only went into Perth twice, but I still managed to do quite a few touristy things – Perth zoo, Northbridge for food, Subiaco market, afternoon at Cottesloe beach. Not to mention the fish and chips at Freo, drinks at the Little Creature (lots places here make these grill chorizo slices, they were so good). A visit to Rottnest Island was probably the coolest thing here. Me and Ryan took a ferry to this small island 25 min off the coast, which by the way, was the most expensive ferry ride I’ve ever taken – $72 round trip per person, walk on. The island had a small resort ish area by the terminal, and didn’t allow vehicles so it was perfect for biking around. The whole island was about 20 – 25km and lots of nice beach spots to stop at, and random sighting of quokkas. Definitely worth it to spend a day out there. Also met up with Ben (Mel’s brother) one night for dinner, it was quite nice, he got us free beer tasting (y).

Would I come back?

Only if Linda and Germaine were here, or for work ;p and next time, I’m totally gonna go to the desert, Pinnacle or something.

I’m definitely not flying out at 9pm again, so I won’t be sitting in Singapore airport at 4am writing this post.┬áBy this point of the trip, I REALLY REALLY NEED TO DO PROPER LAUNDRY. 10 more days to go until I unlock the achievement “fly around the world”.

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