October 1, 2012


It’s been a long time since I traveled to an Asian country. After a long ish visit back home, it’s nice to see a different kind of scenery. No churches no castles but bright lights and high rises, hundreds of people crammed into tiny spaces and line up for food etc. And that’s pretty accurate for my visit to Singapore.

I forgot how much people there is in these big Asian cities, I forgot how hot it gets, the heat was brutal, and it wasn’t even summer. I also forgot how cheap things can be, how easy it is to get food anywhere that’s not western fast food. In the end, Singapore was all about eating for me. It was like a western city filled with Asian people, and with cheap and ridiculous expensive options when you need (like $18 for a bottle of guinesss at marina bay skypark), and you’ll get all the cool fancy stuff in Asian culture – bright lights off buildings and awesome looking infinity pools, and you’ll also have to deal with the heat and sweatiness #worst.

Would I come back

Ya probably, what didn’t I get to do was – eat bak ku teh (closed right when I went, so early on a Friday night!), visit Little India, attend the F1 (right? Lol), and visit Rachel for a feast in Penang ;/

One thing is for sure though, you can find gangnam style everywhere.

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