September 7, 2012

Uklife Season Finale

Well that went by a lot faster than I expected. So much for the original plan of “let’s go to uk from November to August, 10 months should give me enough travelling time” cause it totally wasn’t enough.

In this last 7-8 months of #uklife, heaps things happened. For example, me trying to use the word heaps, and saying “I can’t, it’s too hard” or “awesome” in the Australian accent (which was, too hard). Since I won’t be getting a British one at all, might as well go for the Australian one.

I travelled quite a bit over the last half+ year, considering I barely have any money left in my bank account. I definitely ate a fair share of mcds, bought as many Starbucks mugs as I could, and drank about 500% more. Yet, I barely crossed any off my must-visit list, and they just keep growing (damn amazing photos of all these countries, the tourism marketing totally worked on me). People laughed when I said I was only going to stay for 8-10 months, and they were right, I was so noob.

BUT, that may have been the case, if it wasn’t for all the people I’ve met here. My random encounter to my flatmate Linda (at a flatmate dating event – like speed dating for roommates if I never mention that before, and ya it sounds kinda ridiculous and cool), was probably the best thing that happened to me in UK, because without her I would probably have no friends in this country. On top of that, I have met a group of designers to hang out with! My other flat mate Germaine – nicest person, but she makes me eat vegetables; Anthony – probablt works 23 hours a day, can now almost drink a pint of beer thanks to me; and Ernie – total hipster, closet gamer (I think lol). These people are all so talented – they draw, cut, sew, even sell their own products. Sometimes I wondered why I didn’t think of just “make it myself”… Seeing their work, their passion, and dedication made me want to be more… designy too, that’s huge!

So to sum up my #uklife (so far?) – tried world class beer with moules frites; made sandwiches with fresh meat and cheese from sunday market by the beach; hit the powder in the alps; yelled “freeeedom” like in Braveheart; walked around the mysterious and boring stones; camel ride in a sandstorm; road trip to the end of the world in UK; sang N*gga in Paris under Eiffel Tower; bike ride by the water and through the country side; boat ride on the canals; and crashed the olympic houses parties; spontaneous road trips… All would not be the same without the party of five and everyone else. They make me eat healthier food like aubergines and other vegetarian cuisines sometimes, and I make them eat meat and drink most of times. I won’t dress like a hipster, but at least I got tighter jeans and eat more fruit (lot more whole chickens too).

Would I go back

Well yeah, half of my luggage (note – no plural) are still back in UK, and I need to do more road trips.


  • Cities visited – Middlesborough, Leeds, Leicester, Brussels / Bruges, Nice / Monaco, Geneva, Edinburgh, Bath / Stonehenge, Marrakech / Fez, Cambridge, Brighton, Cornwall district, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice / Verona, Cotswold district / Oxford
  • Number of cities checked off from “must-visits” – 2 (Paris, Marrakech)
  • Mugs missing – Brussels, Marrakech
  • Most nuggets in 1 sitting – 60 with 2 people (honorable mention: Neil)
  • UK fashion – 2 color chinos (blue and mint), 1 light blue shorts, 1 suspender, lot tighter pants…
  • Average consumption of beer per week – too much
  • Longest streak of pub check-ins on foursquare – 7 or 8 weeks
  • Number of Olympic houses visited – 7 (Czech, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, France, Brazil, Netherlands)
  • Other random/spontaneous events – 1 british uni party, 1 speed dating, 1 skiing trip, 1 salsa class, 1 hour driving stick on the opposite side of the road, 2 japanese / anime conventions, 1 kpop concert, 2 ukelele lessons

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