August 28, 2012

Cotswold – Spontaneous Wins

It was one of those thing where it goes, “Hey what you doing this weekend?” “Nothing, you?” “And you? Nothing? Should we go somewhere?” “Ya let’s go!” Then we booked a car, and talked about all the places we could go, and then the weekend was 1 day away, and still had no idea where we going lol. Of course me being me, just thought oh well whatever, we have a car we can go anywhere, just gotta pack extra underwear and shirt… And thats exactly what we did. Spontaneous trip! No planning required!

Well there a bit of planning at least, we knew the general direction/area where we wanted to go – Cotswold district. It was made up of bunch very English looking towns, very cute, very country side. Anthony put together a list of towns we could visit (who was totally stressed out about the zero planning), and that’s all we got haha. We weren’t even sure if we were going to stay overnight somewhere cause nothing was booked. Luckily I called YHA in the morning and the lady was really nice, she looked around the whole district on the system to find some spare beds for us, and we ended up booking the hostel at Stratford-Upon-Avon, quite north but supposed to be a nice town, also where Shakespeare was born.

We started out with Bourton-on-the-Water, vert pretty, lots small bridges over a little river, little tea shop on the side with scones and ice cream. We lost a duck race fund raise thing but it was worth my £1 to see bunch of rubber duckies float down the stream. Next town was something Slaughter, pretty as well, river, English houses etc. Next was about the same, and next as well… I don’t even remember what they were called. I mean, they were all really nice towns, but just that they were also all really similar. Oh at the last one before we headed off to Stratford, we found a playground and there was some awesome play… Structures (I can’t think of what the word is right now). We were hanging and spinning on this T-bar thing, raced to the top on this giant rope pyramid. We wanted to go in this super massive 360 degree tire swing but all the kids were hogging it.

Moved on to the next stop, our hostel was pretty far from town in Stratford town center, but YHA was pretty good quality for a hostel. We went back to town to look around, Stratford-Upon-Avon was a big town, really pretty. People were rowing boats on the river that ran through the town, tons of swans on the water, and heaps of house boats – some were private housing, others were shops in the day (e.g. Baguette Barge!). Boat rowing was fairly cheap, though we kept getting in the way of early morning rowers, I got to do some more stick driving lessons at night as well.

Next day, after Stratford, we made a stop in Oxford. It was… another nice town (I’m running out of words here). It was pretty much just like Cambridge, I don’t have much else to say about it. The highlight for me was, we ended up going to a lovely pub for Sunday roast just outside of town. It was like a hidden gem, and you probably can’t get there unless you have vehicle. We also had this awesome server who was Australian who lived in Vancouver now moved to UK to study, and she spoke in a funny mix accent that changes more North American or Aussie depending who she was talking to haha, she was pretty cool.

This is the last trip before my going home, though sometimes I think I’m getting a bit of too much British ness, I can’t appreciate the amazing things as much as when I first arrived. So spoiled.

Would I go back?

Nah… It was nice, but I don’t know, nice getaway for the day I think, that’s it.


Just one, it’s all I need cause it’s amazenuts.

  • Hit the toy rat as Ernie dropped it down a tube from top on first try.

Anthony made a pretty sweet video for the trip, and then he spammed it everywhere so I’m not going to bother linking it. What’s next? Fly around the world, literally. #spoiled x2.

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