July 19, 2012

Andy Carlo in Paris

Flickr pics here! Set 1 and Set 2!

I am so behind on my postings cause I wanted to get the new design up, so this will be another point form style, it’s sort of how I keep notes on my trip to help me blog later.

Day 1

Took the Eurostar – which I think it’s the best way to go; right into the city, had to taxi to St. Pancras at around 430 am but it was all good. Took metro to our Airbnb flat, got a bit lost on the way, but the host was super nice and came to find us. Dropped off luggage, the place was bit small, with scary dangerous stairs, but nice and home-y looking. Grabbed sandwiches for breakfast, ate it at a park – fresh cut sausage > roast beef, its the best. Walked by Pompidou, went in Notre Dame, huge line up, but only took about 10 – 15 min wait, yay for free entry. Walked in latin quarter for 5 min, then walked to Laduree and had fancy macarons. Bought Batobus tickets for the cruise but didn’t bother to wait, Went to d’Orsay Museum instead, got in trouble for taking pictures inside even though every other tourists were. Now we went to take Batobus from d’Orsay to Champ-Elysees – took FOREVER. Had dinner at Willi Wine Bar, but before that we had celebrity sighting on the way at Place de Vendome – LV Boutique store opening, saw Kristen Dunst, some European model, and hot chinese celebrity.

Day 2

Took a day trip out to Chateau Versailles, it was mega huge, really really huge. It was super pretty and we rented a golf cart to drive around. Took a while to see most of the things we wanted, and then had McDonalds in the afternoon. Went to Sacre Coeur, nice view over the city. Had dinner at some windmill restaurant that’s recommended. Went to Arc de triomphe for night scenery but just missed it.

Day 3

Checked out flat. Had chocolate bread for breakfast. Went to Eiffel Tower, took pics and did N*gga in Paris dance in front of climbed Eiffel Tower with a million other tourists, and non stop sweating when I got to the top ;/ Stopped by some random pub for lunch. Took forever to walked to the Louvre, passing through Jardin Toulleries and some other museums. Got screwed with our online bought tickets because it was only a “reservation”, we only had about 1.5 hours to spare so we just bought another set of tickets. A million people taking pictures of Mona Lisa, so ridiculous. Also saw Venus de Milo, sweet sweet can. Drinking at random bar to pick up luggages, waited for taxi but no one wants to pick us up, so said good bye to Carlo and Nay, and walked in rain to the hostel. Super fancy looking hostel by St Paul station, shared a room with another Korean guy. Ate pizza for quick dinner, went to Arc again, climbed to the top, and saw super nice view, the Eiffel Tower lit up. Totally underwhelming lol.

Day 4

Slow morning, rented a bike, went to Pompidou again to see the exhibition. Wasted 15 min at Virgin store try to get money back. Lunch at Restaurant Chartier with escargot and steak tartare, best lunch of the trip. Biked to La Fayette and saw fanciest department store ever. Bought macarons and chocolate at Pierre Herme, even more expensive than Laduree. To end the trip, biked in the rain to Cafe Breizh for crepe but got lost and couldn’t find a bike return for 10 min. Ate pear chocolate ice cream crepe. Got caught in mega flash rain on the way back to the hostel and got super soaked. Took train during rush hour and it sucked.


  • Time spent on Batobus – 1 hr 20 min
  • Got checked out once (so Carlo says)
  • Got racist name call twice ish (does lemon count?)
  • Biked 5+ times, cant find return point once, stopped by a cop once
  • Best meal – chartier (overall for cost and taste – 6 escargots, steak tartare, beer, all for €20 with tip! thanks Ant!)
  • Best outfit saw – sailor shirt
  • Number of bottles of wine ordered -2 red wine
  • No baguette bought :-(

Would I go back? Yes definitely, because Paris the city itself is amazing, so grand, so pretty. Yet, I didn’t think the experience was awesome, I don’t know, maybe I hyped it up for myself too much, maybe all the French people in Paris hates tourists so they’re jerks (which is totally understandable), so anyway, I want to go back, and sort of confirm if I really like the city or not hahah

Oh and apparently I have giant calves

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