June 15, 2012

The Month of May

omg I haven’t blog for sooo long, i blame diablo 3, i blame everything on diablo 3, let’s do a quick overview of the last month of #uklife, we can track it with my pics on flickr!


Nice little town, fancy colleges, I wanted to rent a boat and push with a stick, but it rained, that’s all I remembered.

London Olympic Stadium Opening

Me and my flatmate Linda went to the opening of the Olympic Stadium, which was pretty sweet (and cheap too! £20 for ticket), they did some pre lim competition, and then some celebrities came out (like Sporty Spice!), and… there’s not much else to say about it. They came up with this card stock fan thing for people to make noise and cheer, and it was damn effective, so cheap too, geniuses. So now I don’t have to try to find an event to go during Olympics just to see the place, though I still want to see the Aquatic Center, too bad diving costs a million pounds.

Home Bounded

I was lucky enough to have a 2 weeks trip back home to work on a project, I didn’t realize how much I missed Vancouver til I landed, it was a busy 2 weeks with work, and I was out and about everyday almost seeing family and friends. What else do you do when you go back home? Eat delicious food, I had my usual share of “must eats” – guu richmond, ap gu jung for korean, santouka ramen, hot pot (home style is just as good!), shanghai (XLBs apparently) etc.

More importantly, just so happened that it was during the same week as diablo 3 release, so of course I had to organized a mid night launch event as well. Just like the Starcraft 2 launch, me Romo Branflakes (with special guest Lil_Lam who ventured all the way out to Surrey too!) went out to the Surrey Futureshop to try to score our free D3 steel case, Romo had a day off and he went at 430 pm, I think he was like the 4th guy in line, and I got there around 530 pm. So yeah, then we just sat around for another 5.5 hours til we get our game, with the help of Catan to kill some time. It didn’t even look that busy (maybe about 20 people inline) until after dinner, probably 100+ in the end. They gave out 3 D3 steelseries mouse pads and we just missed them! Got stuck with damn D3 posters, but better than Max Payne for people in the back I guess ;p After getting home around at 130am, I installed it on my MBA and squeezed in about 30 min of play. It’s only decent at the lowest possible settings ;/ must upgrade soon.

London MCM Expo / Comic Con

More cosplay please! I spent too much money here, but I bought some really cool poster and an One Piece tshirt! Cause One Piece is awesome (most popular in Japan too!), other than that, there’s not much to say about the event, a TON of cosplayers, tons of stands that’s selling goodies, and of course, lot of artists have their own little stands there to get some exposure. Didn’t bother to go see any special exhibition, but I did get a signature photo of the voice actor for Ashley from Mass Effect 3 ;p

Other Highlights

Went to Foster the People concert

Went to Watch the Throne concert finally, they did n*gga in paris only 5 times, ONLY.

Finally went to the beach in Brighton, it was super sunny day, and then I got burned.

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