March 30, 2012


“…Haru no yoru no yume no kotoshi,¬†Traaaveling kimi wo Traaaveling…”

So goal is, every month, there must be one trip, preferably 2, maybe 3 is it’s somewhere cheaper. In March, I traveled quite a bit, and of course, spent quite a bit as well. Not to mention I also moved into a new flat in Clapham North, super busy month. It’s going to be a bit hard to recap it all ;p

1st Stop – Brussels / Bruges (Belgium)

Eurostar had a deal a while back where you can get a return trip for ¬£59, which was a really awesome deal (I totally should’ve bought tickets to Paris as well >.<), so me and my flatmate Linda bought tickets to go out to Belgium with Nicole and Steve. Spent first day in Brussels, 2nd day in Bruges, 3rd day back to finish up random destinations. We got quite lucky as there was a Museum Fever Night event where whole bunch of museums stay open til 1am with all sorts of events, so we basically museum hopped and went to 3 or 4. The one I was really curious that I didn’t get to go was the museum of musical instrument, even though I have absolute no interest in it, the mass amount of people lined up for it made me want to go. Yes I know, typical Andy thing. At the same time, we were also quite unlucky that we went to Bruges on a rainy day and didn’t get a chance to do the canal cruise.¬†Bruges is a very nice town, it’s a must see in my opinion. I also had these amazing langoustine prawn something there for lunch, SO GOOD.

  • Number of beers drank ~ 8 (Chimay Bleu, Duvel, Geuze, Rochefort, Hoegaarden Blanche, and 2 taster drinks at Cantillon Brewery)
  • Number of chocolate shop visited – 15 – 20+
  • Number of meals with moules / frites / waffles eaten – 2 / every meal? / 2
  • Number of times denied for dinner – 2 (seriously)

Would I go back? Yes, cause there’s about 216 more beers I haven’t tried, and I’m always down for mussels and fries (who would’ve thought they go so well together)

2nd Stop – Nice (France) / Monaco

Ling/Germaine invited me to hit up Nice with them, so bunch of us (including Anthony and Gita) went out to Nice for a nice beach getaway. Before I continue, I have to say, I know nothing about Europe other than the fact that there’s a million things to see, which is the main reason why I’m here in UK. Lot of times I don’t know what I’m seeing, but as long as I haven’t seen it, I’m down ;p So it was like, “Hey want to go to Nice?” “Yes! … where’s that?”

We took 1 day to visit Monaco, which was a bit underwhelming… You can easily do it in half a day, or a day if you go into any museums/aquarium. Spent 2nd day exploring Nice, and 3rd day we random toured nearby cities like Antibes and Saint Paul de Vence. Of course I didn’t know that Nice was a city by the water with super nice beaches and random palm trees/cacti everywhere. Our lunch was super yummy, we just went to the market and bought fresh tasty ingredients like sundried tomatoes, saucisson and proschiutto, fresh mozza, and baguettes. Took it all to the beach and just made sandwiches (French style?). Oh and totally recommend a visit to St. Paul, it’s like an old stone city on top of a hill, and had super awesome nicoise salad there.

  • Number of gelato flavors tried – 25
  • Number of cheese sticks bought at the bakery next to hostel – 9 or 12
  • Number of photos taken in the giant picture frame in Monaco ~ 34 (something like that)
  • Number of fancy car spotted at Monte Carlo – lost count
  • Number of uncooked socca eaten – 1

Would I go back? Maybe, though I think I should visit Paris first if I ever go back to France, and I have to walk around with a baguette, it’s like an accessory, it’s so French.

Thats enough writing, Ill save the sn0wboarding trip for the next post.

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  1. I hope you snapped some pics of all those fancy cars.

    Lol I’m also curious as to why you were denied from 2 places for dinner.

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