February 15, 2012

missing out! – read #7

it seems like, everytime i decided to look for something to do, it will just had happened over the last weekend, last week, etc. I sat at home playing Terraria all day when they had the biggest Chinese New Years celebration at Trafalgar Square, I missed Fish Leung’s UK concert by 2 days, and now I just found out that Music Bank Kpop Festival was last weekend in Paris!!! SNSD! T-ARA!! Kill me now #FML

as usual, a list of articles I went through as I try to keep up with this mad world, my favorite is definitely the dungeon and dragons article, quote the author,

This is also true in the real world. It’s totally possible to do both design and development, and in the early stages one will actually aid the other. But as you undertake one project after another you’ll find that it’ll take you longer to become an expert in either. So it’s great if you’re an all rounder in a team of all rounders, but becomes difficult to carve out a meaningful niche amongst a group of experts.

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