September 24, 2006

TEH ultimate biking trip

i cant believe i missed the Tokyo Game Show 06 this weekend, while im in Japan, when gaming is like inseparable from my life, but still not important enough for me to pay $300+ just to fly there and see… but look what i missed out on (img linked from Goo TGS coverage)

TGS 06

THOSE ppl shouldve been at the beaches i went, but jap ppl stops swimming at end of august, i thought it was so messed up b/c the weather starts to cool down a bit, and its like so nice, its like the time i rather go, but i found out its because jellyfishes are coming, and ya, theyd sting you and make you じくじく (i think thats the word)

that being said, ya, i went biking on sun with my coworker, to keya (芥屋), its one of the nicest beach in fukuoka, it takes an hour+ to drive there, so i heard, there isnt even much to say about it, other than its SUPER ULTRA FAR, omfg its so far, it took about 5 hours to go, but we stopped on the way at futamigaura (二見ヶ浦) – a really cool beach area, with some funky island, and fukuoka’s own tori gate in water ;p, nogita (野北) – long stretch of nice untouched beach with spots to go surfing! and then stopped at this jamaican/rastafarian restaurant called Natty Dreads, and had bacon cheese egg burger+jerk chicken+onion rings/fries, it was soooo good, id say it took about 4hrs to get there (futamigaura, nogita, keya… really, same difference)


then we got to keya, and… thats it lol, all that work, and i said, so… whats so cool about this beach? lol, oi, there was like no one at the beach too, damn this non-beach-but-super-awesome-weather season, theres just some ppl walking their dogs, in fact, there were prbbly same amount of ppl as # of dogs, b/c this one couple brought 6 dogs, they were kinda hilarious, you can only differ them by their color leashes, and one of them keep running off, and another one just chilled on the sand, and another one keeps humping the rest of them, basically i just sat for like an hr, digged a few holes, took a shell as my omiyage, then left at 4 something, got home at 8 pretty much, non stopped almost (except you have to stop at the cyclist stop, cause it’s for ppl like me, if i dont use it, who else will – going there & coming back shot)

going therecoming back

then last night, i keep trying to plot the biking map/route, closest i got was 42.9km, but i couldnt put in all the spots along the sea that i rode by, so id add like a few more km, thats my 90km, through all the beaches, cross the bridges, up/down some mtns, into a whole new world, biking trip (i was singing that song while riding)

for some stupid reason, the whole time, there and back, we were riding against the wind, it freakin sux

hmm its like biking from surrey to spanish banks or something

14 thoughts on “TEH ultimate biking trip

  1. lol! dood. that looks crazy what you biked. If you asked me to bike to spanish banks, i’d sooner puke in your underwear. The beech looks nice though, maybe when i’m there i’ll go and see it all frozen and shit.

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