September 18, 2006


last week there’s hojoya, one of the 3 biggest festival in fukuoka, at the hakozaki miya(shrine) they say about a million ppl go within a day, and then im like a million? that’s like… a million… i mean, ya, so many ppl? i have to go see it, and then guess what, hello typhoon #13, it started to rain everyday, then on sun when the typhoon is here HERE, windows shaking, it goes huuuu huuuu outside, apparently the wind was 49m/s, it sounded scary, and fun, i shouldve gone outside at that time ;/ but instead, i sat home most of the time, played gw again, and watched bunch of movies – azumi, d.e.b.s (wow that was a random movie), this charlies angel ish chinese movie

anyway i still went twice over the week, cause im from canada, typhoon can’t stop me, we don’t even get them in back home! and also thurs night happened to be clear sky and awesome weather, and no rain on sat, so i biked there after work, despite what my coworkers said, “man it closes at like 8:30, by the time you get there, there’s gonna be nothing!” but eh, i biked there, so i can spend the money for subway, for food ;p and man, there’s like… a million ppl there, soooo crowded, like some super massive nightmarket, or taiwan, and it’s ALL FOOD! like you know those cartoon background that repeats to save them money? it’s like that, but with food stands, and real stands, you’ll get yakitori, takoyaki, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, choco bananas, pineapples, hokkaido yams (or something), famous gingers? chicken karaage, kakikori, fries, and repeat 20 times, on each side, and then you get the special stand per… iteration, like sasebo burgers, donairs (omfg they tasted soooo good b/c you cant get it anywhere else any other time), taiwanese food, chinese food, and i probably missed some, it takes like 2 hrs to walk the entire thing, oh oh and theres all these stands where you can catch stuff, like goldfish! i used to do that when i was a kid, and you can catch turtles too! and even tiny chickens! you like fish them, and they just run around hilariously, and eels! and crabs! but those you catch them, and then they cook them, and you eat it after, so you could eat like 5 crabs or eels for prbbly 300 or 500 yen, or eat none (pics in flickr)

speaking of kakikori, never explained what it is, but man, i wanna sell that next year at our night market, it’s like.. the best product ever, it’s basically shaved ice, with syrup, in a cool kakikori cup, and you sell it for $3, best for summer, and ppl love it, and variable cost of it? like 10 cents to make? cause it’s ice, you just buy syrup, many colors of syrup, it’s the colors that matters, sure strawberry = red, melon = green, pineapple = yellow, but i still dont know what blue hawaii is, that’s what they call it, and no one knows, as long as it’s pretty in blue

ive been getting comment-spammed pretty bad lately, like if you look back on the “been a while” post, theres like 15 comments now? those jerkfaces

*add* so i never really talked about my work ever, and i wont now, except theres this girl, like a year or 2 younger, shes like really cute and cool and stuff, and speaks a little eng too (but i never really talk to her, i dont know why, ちょっと残念ですね ;p), but ya, she just came back from a week off, and she said, she was doing training for karate club, and i was like… HUH? REALLY? WOW! cause i did not see that coming lol, and then after like 5 seconds, i have an image of Makoto from SF hahah

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