May 27, 2006

a week at janets

i did quite a bit and i didn’t post everyday, so i’m gonna make a super condense post, and even faster, here’s a flickr link for ppl that doesn’t even want to read, though i have way more pics than what’s on the album though

day 1: got to himeji by some limousine/express bus thing from kansai airport, took about 2 hrs? and then waited at mister donuts – they have the best donuts, sooo good, then got picked up, and then drop off stuff, ha ha janet has a hole for a toilet, and then we went out for yakitori for dinner, it was sooo good

day 2: went around everywhere in himeji, went to himeji castle first, it’s pretty cool, so ancient style, and so hot inside, but ya, there’s holes in wall to drop rocks/oil, hidden rooms that you can’t go in, weapon racks, climb super steep stairs to go up to the top floor of castle. Then walk around everywhere in himeji, mall ish street, department stores, muji and loft! the cool stores in the area, then got too tired and went starbux, and had… katsu curry for dinner

day 3: went to kobe because janet has the conference thingy, her hotel was so cool, i used the future toilet for the first time, they spray your bumhole! but it doesn’t dry you! so i found it pretty lame… had okonomiyaki for lunch, so much cabbage and sauce, seemed healthy and not at same time, and then i just walked everywhere around sannomiya for the rest of the day, shopping street, then to china town with super expensive meat buns, then merican park and saw 2 jap girls doing a model shoot, then mosaic, some funky mall ish place, and then a bit in kobe station, there’s a store call comme ca, and it’s cool, nice stuff and cheap clothes, and then went back by myself

day 4: since janet is away for 3 days, no point of me sticking around, so i found a hostel and went all the way to kyoto, while i was lookin for the hostel/dorm i met some dood from sweden who’s also looking for same place, and then after i dropped off luggage we just hung out together, though he took super long time to do some errands so i looked around kyoto station, then went to fushimi inari taisho and walked through 34832 gates, went back hostel and met another guy from las vegas, at night went to watch geisha show at gion for too much money, and then had dinner with 2 more new people, staying in a dorm is sorta cool cause you get to meet all these random people, and the hostel had a cute jap girl that was working there

day 5: supposed to meet janet in osaka at 1:30 but i didn’t get to do much the day before so i got up super early and went to kiyomizu temple, where you can get pure water but i didn’t because it’s like.. some field trip week for all the school in japan or something, there’s soooo many kids running around all going to the temple, so i just went down, but walk through this cool old jap style street, after temple i went to the famous kinkakuji (the golden temple) with a dorm guy from france, again 23493 kids running around so i took pics and then just left, i had no time left anyway, so went down to osaka, and had lunch, we walked around, and i found nintendo ds lite!!! but i didn’t buy it!!! and now i’m totally regretting it… anyway it was all shopping in osaka i had enough sightseeing lol, went through shopping streets and went to dohtonburi? and saw bunch of crazy stuff, it’s like a crazy street with crazy bright things, giant crab on wall, giant glico man, ferris wheel on top of buildings, and then went do dendentown or something? and i finally found my camera for cheap, and so i bought it, the panasonic dmc fx01, for about $320 cdn + 1 gig sd card $40 cdn, then dinner and finally back to himeji

then today i packed while janet went tutoring, and well, now i’m down in fukuoka, but i’ll do another post about the beginning of my next work, and man i gotta redesign my site, and move everything to new server still lol, sorry amrik, but know this, at least i didn’t get a hentai magazine for ur bday

28 thoughts on “a week at janets

  1. Only now did I realize that you would be updating your site about your stay in Japan. Cool stuff.

  2. Hey man, whoa whoa, aya ueto eh? pretty cute!

    Looks like your having a good time in Japan! keep on updating man, i have a blog too, but its not on the “cjp” group blog server that kamil made,,,we atleast not yet!

  3. dood that’s crazy! i almost feel proud that you went to a hostel all by yourself. I think i’m too paranoid to go stay in a hostel all solo and shit. Thumbs up dood.

    soo the panasonic won you lol, i was gonna ask what one you got too. When are you gonna get a net connection at your new place :P

  4. haha it’s the cost that won me over, it’s like half of the cost compare to stay in a hotel/inn, cause man, travel in japan and sightsee is uber $$$, and i won’t have net for a while, so i can only leech on the super unstable wireless

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